Sexy Decor for Sex and the City

June 5, 2001, 12:00 AM EDT

Sex and the City season premiere Sony Lincoln Center Theater; After-party The Tent at Lincoln Center Wednesday, 05.30.01, 6 PM onward
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For HBO's premiere party for Sex and the City's fourth season, Floralia's Carter Field designed a group of large, beautiful beds. Field brought a kind of Pucci-and-Pop Art-meets-Morrocco feel to Restaurant Associates' Tent at Lincoln Center, using various shades of fuschia and purple. (He told us he came up with the Pucci idea while on the beach in Jamaica.)

Perfectly fitting the bed seating trend, the 12 10-by-10 canopy beds were covered with tapestry-patterned fabrics and pillows of various shapes and sizes and topped with canopies of tie-dyed fabric. (Field likes the bed decor reference for this show; he did a neon four-poster for last year's Sex premiere party at Guastavino's.)

Other decor touches included polka dot tablecloths and lots of clear plastic discs and rings (think of the Helen Lawson number in Valley of the Dolls) hung above the huge 80-by-40 bar, bringing some height to the decor, something Field told us is very important because the tent is so high. He also wanted the event have a retro--but not kitschy--feel, and to match the characters' love of fashion. “I wanted to incorporate that into the event,” he said. The most whimsical piece was probably a clear plastic box filled with 80 pairs of shoes and boxes from Manolo Blahnik--fashionistas' favorite footwear maker--which was placed by the coat check.

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