Shecky's Launches New Web Site and Logo at Female-Friendly Shopping Party

Shecky's launched a new web site and logo at its Girls Night Out event in Miami's design district.

By D. Channing Muller May 4, 2009, 9:30 AM EDT

Shecky's new branding at Girls Night Out

Photo: BizBash

Shecky's Girls Night Out
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Shecky’s Girls Night Out shopping tour set up shop at the Moore Building in Miami’s design district Thursday night with cocktails and merchandise in abundance. On the heels of six sold-out events in other markets, the traveling promotion drew nearly 1,400 people on its first night—it resumed Friday—and it served as the official launch of the company’s new logo and Web site.

“Our old logo worked really well for us, but we did a lot of brand development this past year and wanted to focus on the female aspect,” said Shecky’s president Claudia Chan, adding that the company’s strong female following and focus on creating fun and entertaining events for women was the catalyst for the redesign. “Girls really love Shecky’s, and after a lot of meetings we decided on a whole new creative plan that would make sense for who we are today.”

Shecky’s wasn’t the only company introducing something new last night. Bacardi Silver debuted its Bacardi Silver Lemonade, which will be available in stores starting Monday. In the Skyy Lounge on the first floor, other spirit sponsors served specialty cocktails: Skyy Vodka served the Shop Til You Drop vodka concoction garnished with a lime; Midori created a Midori Margarita; and X-Rated Fusion Liqueur made X-Rated Flirtinis, the company's version of a cosmopolitan.

Jewelry, handbag, and clothing designers set up shop throughout the first three floors of the four-story building. In addition to shopping, guests could  try one of the beauty services available, including hair straightening, mini hand exfoliations, and teeth whitening. Bud Light sponsored beer pairing seminars every 30 minutes, in which four beers were each pared with a different food, such as cheese or raspberries, to bring out the beverage’s full flavor.

The event will stop in 14 more cities throughout the year, with stops in Atlanta, San Diego, and Los Angeles later this month.

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