Some Celebs are Bigger Than Others

July 13, 2001, 12:00 AM EDT

Posted 07.13.01
It seems that Joan Collins is still pulling diva stunts, despite not having a steady acting job in several years, according to New York magazine. The former Dynasty star recently agreed to attend the launch party for Christian Dior's new men's fragrance, Higher, in exchange for a gift bag of Dior merchandise. But a few hours before the bash, Collins backed out because she was “rather underwhelmed by the $350 saddle bag stuffed with about $600 worth of beauty products” and according to her assistant, “thought she would get to pick something out herself--from the catalogue.” The assistant later recanted that statement, saying that the diva just “didn't have the time to go.” The magazine pointedly adds: ”Moby and Jet Li arrived [to the same party] promptly. Moby asked Dior to make a donation to Human Rights Watch in return for his appearance, while Li requested that a check be sent to the Children's Organ Transplant Association.”

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