Increase Your Reach With Digital Sponsoring

Digital sponsoring technology.
Digital sponsoring technology.
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When planning events such as trade fairs, exhibitions, or conferences, organizers are dependent on the support of sponsors. The benefits are obvious. Sponsoring not only generates additional income for the organizers, but it also offers participants or visitors real added value. Nowadays, the trend is moving toward digital sponsoring.

But what are the advantages of this method?

1. Participants can interact with the content before and after the event. Digital channels are the perfect method for contacting participants and potential customers before or after the event. During the event is often not the best time to confront participants with advertisements. For many companies and products, contacting participants after the event makes much more sense.

2. The perfect addition to classical sponsoring. Digital sponsoring is the perfect addition to classical sponsoring. Conversely, the trend toward digital sponsoring and the use of digital media does not mean that classical sponsoring should be completely ignored. Both methods harmonize perfectly with each other. Especially with the combination of both, you can achieve outstanding goals.

3. The R.O.I. can be easily determined. The use of digital media often has the added benefit of measurability. This means that interactions with sponsors’ content will be tracked and can be easily measured. The sponsor will receive a detailed evaluation of the performance of its content; for example, how many people saw its content, interacted with quizzes, and so on.

4. Digital sponsoring supports you in the acquisition of sponsors. The use of digital media attracts sponsors and supports organizers in the acquisition of new sponsors. Sponsors are always looking for ways to stand out from the competition. If you as an organizer offer the use of a digital tool in one of your sponsorship packages, many of the sponsors will make this choice and you can generate additional revenue.

5. Digital sponsoring improves the relationship with the sponsor. The use of digital sponsoring not only supports the acquisition of new sponsors but also strengthens ties with existing ones. Satisfied sponsors usually also decide to sponsor the next event. When they reach their previously set goals and you give them the chance to measure their R.O.I., they will be satisfied. It's easy to understand that sponsors who don't even know what figures were achieved in their sponsorship will not necessarily decide on a new sponsorship next year. On the contrary, they will look for an event where they get this opportunity. If you offer it, you will not only benefit from the use of digital sponsoring to acquire new partners but also make the existing ones more satisfied and thus increase the chance of a sponsorship at the next event.

Digital Sponsoring Technology: Fanomena Events

Phenomena Events offers a digital sponsoring platform that offers the above-mentioned benefits for event organizers, sponsors, and participants. It offers the possibility to create interactive content with your sponsors to increase their visibility at the event. Different distribution methods, high open rates (>74%), and a click-through rate of ~30% ensure that the sponsorship is also very well received by the participants.

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