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Supplier Overview

Headquartered in Moscow, Texel is a software developer and manufacturer of professional 3-D scanners for creating 3-D models of people and large objects. The company’s Portal solution allows the user to fully automate the scanning process, building and visualization of 3-D models, generation and monetization of digital content, and preparation for printing. The Texel team provides accuracy in its scanner that no other company has been able to achieve using 3-D sensors available today, making it the only scanner in the world that makes 3-D human figures profitable.

"Texel has done what other companies have been trying to do for years."
– Mike Butcher, TechCrunch

"The world’s fastest 3-D scanner is also the most engaging one."
– Richard Quest, CNN

"Your 3-D scanner is the coolest thing I saw."
– Trent Crow, Pixar Studios

Bash Buzz
The wow factor provided by a high-bandwidth scanner leads to wide audience coverage on social networks. Average statistics on the audience reached by one scanner:

  • 98% of people open the link to their 3-D photo in an e-mail or SMS
  • Six minutes, in general, is the time spent by a person on the page with their 3-D photo
  • 30 to 90% of people, depending on the audience of the event, share their 3-D photo or animation clip
  • The average Facebook user has 338 friends
  • 40% of the audience, on average, see a friend's post
  • 1 to 3% of friend's friends share a post depending on the content.
Thus, if Portal scans 200 people per day, the average number of Facebook views will be between 125,000 and 250,000 per day, depending on the content and how viral it is.

Texel Portal connects people to brands, hearts to minds, and thoughts to actions. It is dedicated to providing one-of-a-kind experiences and determined to exceed all expectations.

Partial Client List
Mastercard, Visa, Mercedes-Benz, Marvel, 20 Century Fox, L'Oréal, HP, Cisco, Hard Rock Cafe, Pixar

Preferred Partners
Microsoft Corp., Intel Corp., Nvidia Corp., Alphabet Inc.

Best Russian Startup 2015, 2016; 15 Best Startups in the World, 2016; Seedstars Moscow Winner

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