The Buzz on Grammy Parties

February 12, 2007, 12:00 AM EST

As is its tendency, Hollywood recently hosted a slew of shindigs in honor of an L.A.-based entertainment brouhaha. This week it was the Grammys’ moment in the spotlight. So what did the press think?

The AP noted that Sony/BMG’s after-party served up champagne as well as “sushi, waffles with fruit, and slivers of meat as New Wave tunes blasted the room.” People’s bash at Eleven was apparently “sweltering” on a upstairs floor, while guests at EMI’s get-together noshed on “beef skewers and sushi (the most popular hors d’oeuvres at most of Sunday’s parties), and flocked to the club’s outdoor and indoor fireplaces for warmth” at Hollywood’s Boulevard3. Warner Music Group’s party “turned a former cathedral into a super-disco, with colored lights filtering through the stained glass and dance music bouncing off the building’s high ceilings,” and attracted Mr. Rock ’n’ Roll himself, Al Gore.

Page Six has intel on some tension over security guards between Diddy and Grey’s Anatomy cast members in the V.I.P. section at the Rolling Stone/Justin Timberlake pre-Grammys party at Avalon on Friday.

Meanwhile, E! is reporting John Mayer’s affection for a few things, including those awesome poolside cabanas! “He and a posse of a dozen men made a beeline for one of the four private outdoor cabanas. Mayer immediately sat down, started texting on his cell phone and made a brief phone call.”

The scribes at hit the party circuit hard, seemingly ducking into every party from as far back as Thursday. The site reports “cookies with powdered sugar and a small serving of vegetables with blue-cheese dressing” as well as a “filled to capacity” V.I.P. section at XM and Queen Latifah’s post-Grammys bash at Social Hollywood. Also: “Cirque du Soleil-type dancers hung from the ceiling” and some guests received “safe sex gift bags.” (That Latifah—so responsible.)

The music net also gives high praise for Warner’s selection of venue, stating, “Anyone who knows anything about Los Angeles knows downtown is not where the party’s at, but that all changed Sunday when Warner Bros. Records hosted their annual post-Grammy soirée at a venue actually near the Staples Center. And the term ‘venue’ doesn’t do justice to the Cathedral, a refurbished church so big and beautiful it’s where Jesus himself might shoot his video—if he were living today as a rock star.”

Regarding pre-Grammys goings-ons, MTV offers that “Clive Davis’s annual Grammys-eve party has become so massive it’s not even a party anymore, but more like the mini-Grammys” but also gives plenty of attention to a competing bash hosted by the Roots at West Hollywood’s Key Club. “‘The fire marshal is trying to shut us down,’ a guy declaring he was one of the club’s managers whined to another guy trying to get into the V.I.P. section without a V.I.P. wristband. … ‘The problem is that there are too many people. …You have India.Arie, Fall Out Boy, Anita Baker, and they all have people with them. ... The problem is Alicia Keys with 12 people. I can let two in, but 12 people? We’re at capacity.’” (Now how big can Anita Baker’s entourage be?)

Apparently things weren’t much better over at the Roosevelt Hotel, where Fall Out Boy’s party in the penthouse drew long lines. “The suite’s miniscule max capacity (135 people) meant that many left disappointed or tried to resort to some old-fashioned trickery to make their way up to the top floor. (Our favorite line: ‘I know the fire inspector, he said it was O.K. to let more people up.’)”

MTV also checks out the Grammy Style Studio swag suite. For anyone who’s ever been outraged by celeb swag, this quote’s for you: “‘As artists, we put ourselves out there, so it’s great that the Grammys have this to show us a little gratitude,’ Backstreet Boys singer Howie Dorough said, gleaming over some new Ted Baker shirts and K-Swiss sneakers.” Ah, the Herculean artistic risk and poignant vulnerability of “Quit Playing Games (With My Heart).”

If swag’s your thing, don’t miss blog Just Jared’s very comprehensive look at Grammy swag this year, with a long list of merchandise and many, many photos. Otherwise, just read our coverage, which is sure to make you feel less dirty.
Posted 02.12.07

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