The Editors' Favorite Ideas From Our Show

October 31, 2005, 12:00 AM EST

South Beach sofas from Cort Event Furnishings

The Editors’ 10 Favorite New Ideas

1. Stylish Seating
Cort Event Furnishings arranged a circular seating area using pale-colored, curved, sectional sofa pieces in the middle of one of the exhibit spaces. The lounge furniture allowed attendees to mix and mingle comfortably—while they rested their feet—since the shape of the setup encouraged conversation. Called “South Beach” sofas, the rentals can also be used alone, or to make S-shaped seating.

2. Piece Together a Design
Atomic Design
gave the event space a cool look with a diamond-patterned backdrop behind the stage. While the set looked like metal from the seating area, it was actually made of two-foot-wide three-dimensional modular plastic pieces that fit together in a fabric sleeve—a much lighter, and easier to load in, alternative. The materials can be used to make a backdrop—or other decor pieces—for all sorts of events.

3. Tents for Privacy
Pink Inc. set up some fabric structures that looked a bit like igloos near the education session rooms, which offered a bit of privacy for some of the impromptu meetings that happened at the show. We could imagine them working well as small rooms-within-a-room at various kinds of events. Pink Inc. calls them “Mod Pods,” and the rental fee starts at $1,200.

4. Interactive Games
In the event space, PlayMotion’s games allowed attendees to interact with colors, shapes, and objects projected on a wall. When people stand in front of the projections, the company’s technology senses shadows, and moves the graphics to respond to the movement of the shadows. PlayMotion's various products and custom projects can work as structured activities at meetings or more free-form fun at clubs or parties.

5. Speakers That Are Heard and Not Seen
Instead of hulking black speakers that can get in the way of decor, Sine Audio showed off a range of design-friendly audio equipment, such as tall white towers or slender polelike speakers that take up minimal space, but provide plenty of sound. Popular with the fashion crowd, of course, the company has provided equipment for Chanel, DKNY, Hugo Boss, and Dolce & Gabbana events, as well as for numerous other design-conscious clients. For equipment that completely disappears into the decor, Sine can now create speaker covers that match a design scheme.

Posted 10.31.05

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