This Cake Has 2,000 Facebook Fans

By Jenny Berg January 20, 2014, 7:00 AM EST

Photo: Claudia Craig Photography

When Ryan Seacrest asks an actress about a cake on the red carpet at the Golden Globes, it's safe to say that said confection was a showstopper. Such was the case with Kaley Cuoco, who chatted with the E! reporter at about her upside-down wedding cake created by Kimberly Bailey of the Butter End Cakery.

During her New Year's Eve nuptials, Cuoco posted a photo of the cake to her Twitter and Instagram accounts, and “our traffic went insane,” said Sara Beveridge, director of operations at the Butter End. “We have 3,000 new Instagram followers,” which more than doubled traffic, “and 2,000 new Facebook fans.”

The bakery has received calls from couples in places ranging from Michigan to Mexico, asking if the cake can be recreated. And? “It's not outside the realm of possibility,” Beveridge said. For more details on the cake itself—rigging and sandbags were involved—check out the coverage on People.com.

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