Today in Denver: Delegates Down "Obamapolitans," Protesters Barely Show, and Everyone Crosses Fingers for the Boss

By Lourdes Branch & Michael O'Connell August 25, 2008, 5:52 PM EDT

The first day of the 2008 Democratic National Convention has barely started, but there's already a critical mass of news coming out of Denver. Here are some of the event-related items:

  • Denver restaurants and bars altered cocktail menus to pay homage to the Democratic figureheads, including their own governor Bill Ritter. Guests at Dixon’s Downtown Grill can order a “Margaritter” or an “Obamapolitan” among many others. [Rocky Mountain News]
  • Of the 25,000 protesters expected this week, only 1,000 have appeared already on day one in the fenced in zone outside the Pepsi Center, dubbed the “freedom cage.” [The Guardian]
  • Rumors are swirling that Bruce Springsteen will perform at Invesco Field on Thursday. [Politico]
  • Convention director Matthew Nugen revealed some of the obstacles on the road to the big day. [Time]
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  • Democrats enlisted Qwest, Cisco Systems, and a few other tech companies to upgrade the Pepsi Center’s infrastructure and make it blogger-ready. [CNET News]
  • In one of the Democrats’ many green and sustainable efforts, all 15,000 convention volunteers are sporting organic cotton fanny packs made in the U.S. by union labor. [WSJ]
  • The Denver chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union isn’t pleased with a memo imploring security to target people with bikes, helmets, and maps as potential protesters. [KMGH Denver]

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