Today in Denver: High Ratings, Factual Errors, and the Rose Garden Pops Up at Invesco Field

By Lourdes Branch & Michael O'Connell August 28, 2008, 2:18 PM EDT

The 2008 Democratic National Convention culminates tonight at Invesco Field, and we finally got a look at how the stage is coming together. Here are a few other events-related items popping up on the last day of the convention:

  • Early photos of tonight’s setup at Invesco Field bear a close resemblance to the White House’s Rose Garden. [NYP]
  • Not content with sensible swag for their own fete, the Democrats have assembled a “survival kit” for reporters headed to the Republican National Convention next week. The bag includes “opposition research” against John McCain, extra strength pain reliever, antacids, and an “Ask me how many houses I own” button. [ABC News]
  • It’s a little too soon to measure the success of those sustainable wooden key cards that made their debut in Denver hotels this week. Despite reports that people can’t get them to work, publicists claim user error. [HotelChatter]
  • Americans are so used to watching the Olympics, they’re turning to NBC for their convention coverage. [Washington Post]
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  • EBay design director Shawn Henderson explained his inspiration in creating a “green” space for the Huffington Post “Oasis.” [HuffPo]
  • Trojan isn’t the only delegation promoting safe sex at the DNC; Planned Parenthood volunteers around Denver are toting prophylactics and pamphlets offering “Ten Reasons to Protect Yourself From John McCain.” [NYP]
  • Oops! Hillary Clinton’s inspiring quote from abolitionist Harriet Tubman on Tuesday night turned out to be a tad inaccurate. According to two different scholars, the passage in question (never officially attributed to Tubman in the first place) makes no reference to “dogs” or “torches.” [NYT]

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