Today in the Twin Cities: Republicans Revel, Festivities Turn Into Philanthropy, and Local Businesses Keep Busy

By Lourdes Branch & Michael O'Connell September 2, 2008, 12:28 PM EDT

The Republican Party’s insistence that its 2008 convention would proceed with more subdued programming and ancillary events due to Hurricane Gustav hasn't completely come to fruition. Parties have mostly gone ahead as scheduled in the Twin Cities. Here is some of the event-related news they’ve brought with them:

  • Much to John McCain’s chagrin, many delegates and party members proceeded with reveling at lobbyist parties Saturday, Sunday, and Monday nights. [ABC News]
  • The Twin Cities boast two very different bar scenes: Conventioneers searching for dancing will head to Minneapolis, and those looking for live music will probably stick to St. Paul. [NYDN]
  • Convention cutbacks might be a concern for Twin Cities’ businesses eager to capitalize on the marketing opportunities, but plenty of bars and restaurants are still packing in a full house. [Minn Post]
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  • Many RNC parties continued as planned after some quick retooling turned them into fund-raisers for hurricane relief efforts and the Red Cross. [Washington Post]
  • The week’s hottest tickets (tonight’s GQ party at the Cosmos, Wednesday’s Daughtry-headlined One Campaign/Recording Industry Association concert, and Thursday night’s grand finale thrown by Vanity Fair and Google) are all still a go. [Politico]

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