Tony Awards Gala Colors Itself Black and White

The Tony awards gala offered a black-and-white backdrop for its post-telecast celebrations.

By Sushil Cheema June 12, 2007, 12:20 PM EDT

Photo: BizBash

The 61st annual Tony awards logo did double duty this year. The top hat perched on the statue not only  represented this year's ceremony, it also inspired the after-party gala at Rockefeller Center’s Rink Bar on Sunday night. Decor specialists Flowers, Sticks and Stones put the accessory to work in a variety of ways—as vases for flowers, containers for take-home baubles, and even light fixtures in one of the bar areas.

A black-and-white color scheme filled out the remaining aesthetic, creating a unified feel to a space large enough to fit 1,800 guests. Designers used different patternsstripes,polka dots, and checkerboards  among them—to give the illusion of distinct areas. “The space is so spread out, so it’snice towander through to an area that has things that are familiar yetdifferent,” said Flowers, Sticks, and Stones'Susan Edgar. Blue accent lights by Bentley Meeker provided the only hint of hue.

Because of the close proximity to the show at Radio City Music Hall, almosteveryone attends the after-party. After sitting through a three-hour award show, people want to mingle and move around, said veteran gala producer Michael Lawrence of the Tobak Lawrence Company. Thus the event took the form of a big cocktail party. (Food was also served.) Communal tables allowed attendees to grab a bite from the buffet and then get back to working the room.

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