Top 50 Innovative Event Pros 2013: Pam Dzierzanowski

The national director of events for Patrón Spirits Company produces more than 360 events annually for the brand.

By Mitra Sorrells June 12, 2013, 7:00 AM EDT

Pam Dzierzanowski, national director of events, Patrón Spirits Company

Photo: Courtesy of Patron

When you hear the amount of events Pam Dzierzanowski and her team of three managers produce annually for Patrón—more than 360 in 2012 alone—you might assume the affairs are mostly identical. Wrong. The high-energy, self-described “crazy woman” designs each event individually and starts by asking herself, “What’s the coolest way to wow my attendees?”

From celebrity-filled bashes at the Super Bowl to smaller consumer-focused parties tied to regional music festivals like Coachella, Dzierzanowski, 44, aims to create memorable experiences such as a muddle-your-own mojito bar, where participants take home an engraved lime press. She personally attends most of the events near her Los Angeles base (often several a day), along with bigger national events. For 2013, her goal is to communicate Patrón’s focus on quality. “I’m adding quality cues such as ‘do you know’ facts on the photo jacket,” Dzierzanowski says. “So they’ll say, ‘Wow, I never knew that.’ For example, 60 hands touch every bottle. And all our bottles are made with recycled and hand-blown glass, so I’ll do a lot of our sets with recycled glass.”

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