Tribeca Film Festival Mixes Thriller Zombies, Big Premieres, and Sponsored Lounges

May 6, 2008, 3:01 PM EDT

The Tribeca Film Festival wrapped up Sunday, completing 12 days of indie movie screenings, big-budget studio premieres, sponsored lounges, lavish parties, outdoor events, concerts, and more. (Spokespeople confirm that the total attendance was just under 400,000.) We covered a variety of the offerings, from Thriller zombies at the Drive-In to American Express's new entertainment and hospitality lounge. And we talked to Joshua Cicerone, vice president and creative director of Dalzell Productions (the company that produces the festival) to hear about a typical day during the festival and how he works with city agencies to coordinate the event's logistics. You can find an archive of all of our coverage here.

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