Universal Throws Eco-Friendly Almighty Blowout

Universal Pictures' Evan Almighty premiered with an eco-friendly blowout after-party for nearly 5,000.

By Irene Lacher June 12, 2007, 4:14 PM EDT

Photo: Line 8 Photography

Universal Pictures' Evan Almighty Premiere Party
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The most fashionable color in Hollywood these days is green, judging from the crop ofenergy-saving lightbulbs poking out of gift bags lately. The June 10 premiere party for Universal’s environmentally aware comedy Evan Almighty was sogreen that it dispensed with the usual greenery (the flower arrangements thatusually decorate these kinds of events). Instead, Edible Arrangements’ bouquetsof strawberries, pineapples, and melons carved into the shape of flowers diddouble duty on the V.I.P. tables as treats for the eyes and the mouth. Bars andbuffet tables were modestly decorated with saplings planted in burlap.

The true green centerpiece was the “Almighty Forest,” a booth in the centerof the sprawling party next to Universal Citywalk with the so-called “world’slargest plasma TV” showing a loop of Evan Almighty star Steve Carell and directorTom Shadyac. In the loop, they asked guests to donate to the Conservation Fundso it could plant 75,000 trees—enough to zero out the carbon footprint left bythe premiere’s 4,500 guests over the course of a year. (The huge turnout offamilies, cast, and crew made this one of L.A.’s largest premiere parties ever.)

The audience spilled out of the late-afternoonscreening at the Gibson Amphitheatre and newly refurbished AMCUniversal City 19 to find a casual outdoor playscape created under the watchfuleye of Hollace Davids, senior vice president of special projects for Universal Pictures Marketing. Woodencrates resembling props and recycled-cardboard flats of animals from the filmsat on islands behind the bars. Revelers grazed from buffet tables that featured WolfgangPuck's chicken salad, cole slaw, burgers, turkey meat loaf, and pizza, while kidssampled a variety pack of distractions: They tried their hand at carnival gameslike “flip a frog” for a chance to take home prizes of Evan Almightypencils and frisbees made of recycled plastic. They also had their faces painted,decorated cookies, and sat for caricaturists. As dusk fell, ELS lit up large balloon globes decorated with imagery from the movie that were suspended overthe party, illuminating the festivities below.

Everyone leftwith a grocery-shopping-friendly gift bag stuffed with Bear Naked chocolategranola, Environmental Defense caps, and flower seeds. Oh, yes, andenergy-saving lightbulbs.

CORRECTION: The original version of this article included an incorrect title for Hollace Davids.

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