VENUE: A Super-High-Tech Venue

March 26, 2001, 12:00 AM EST

Old world charm is nice, but many old buildings aren't wired for events that require digital age accouterments. But the Global Community Digital Sandbox is a super-high-tech venue located inside the New York Information Technology Center at 55 Broad Street. The fully wired, 24,000-square-foot space includes 700 copper wire broadband Internet connections; 350 fiber optic high-speed connections; and Internet and satellite video conferencing capabilities. The high-ceilinged space has a 400-seat lecture hall and six classrooms, and can be rented in sections or in its entirety, ranging in price from $200 for a half-day in a conference room, to $120,000 for a full day in the whole place. The Sandbox is one of three venues in the Digital Sandbox Network: The second is on Madison Avenue, and the third is in Great River, Long Island.
Posted 03.26.01

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