Walk of Style Has Stylish White Awards

Event producers took a yin-and-yang approach to decor design: If the fashion world is all about black, this Beverly Hills party would be all about white.

February 23, 2006, 5:19 PM EST

The Walk of Style awards took place on a block of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, with long white tables topped with white orchids.

When the Donahue Group set out to design the Rodeo Drive Walk of Style awards during Los Angeles Fashion Week, the Hollywood-based event production and public relations company decided to take a yin-and-yang approach. If the fashion world is all about black, the Walk of Style event, honoring fashion photographers Mario Testino and the late Herb Ritts, would be all about white.

The City of Beverly Hills and the Rodeo Drive Committee hosted the event to promote shopping on the storied commercial street, and the party took place on a roped-off block. An outdoor club space was created with long white tables topped with white orchids and candles as well as low white benches and ottomans. Along each side of the street were five 8- by 10-foot screens on which the photographers’ work was projected. At one end was a stage and screen, which showcased the red carpet action as revelers gathered before the presentation. At the other was a long white bar, where Italian drinks were poured in the spirit of the Italian Trade Commission, which sponsored the event: grappa and San Benedetto water (another sponsor). Waiters circulated with wine, water, and an array of classic hors d’oeuvres—pizza, skewered chicken and shrimp, and stuffed mushrooms—while a DJ played an eclectic mix of house and world music.

There was more whiteness to go: Guests took home white disposable cameras in a white mesh bag as well as a book of photographs of Philippe Starck’s products by design publisher Taschen, which has a bookstore steps away on Beverly Drive.

Irene Lacher

Photos: Berliner Photography (interior/orchids, preparty setup), Michael Buckner/Getty Images (interior/screens), Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images (Testino)

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