Watch Your Confetti When Flying

October 16, 2001, 12:00 AM EDT

If you're flying with confetti, take some advice: Check it in your luggage. Some loose confetti that spilled from a greeting card left 80 passengers and five crew members trapped in a jet for three hours on Saturday, after a passenger reported that he saw a man put a powdery substance in the plane's ventilation system, according to Associated Press reports. Worried about a bioterrorism attempt, police, FBI and emergency crews met the plane when it landed and set up a decontamination tent. After being escorted off the plane, the man who spilled the confetti was stripped of his clothing, washed down with detergent and dressed in a hazardous materials suit that traps vapors. When the emergency crews realized the substance was benign, the passengers were released.

Posted 10.16.01

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