What Are You Looking Forward to in 2011?

By Claire Hoffman January 17, 2011, 10:20 AM EST

Beth Brodovsky (left) and Gina Rogak

Photo: Jen Capone Photography (Brodovsky), Matt Carasella (Rogak)

“Being able to do my job! I think many of us have been doing what we need to in order to keep our heads above water, and I’m hopeful that potential clients will feel more confident investing in their events.”
Michelle Durpetti, C.E.O., Michelle Durpetti Events, Chicago

“I would love to see less waste in design. Plastic panels and throwaway decor is so irresponsible. I like the artisan touch—to me, that is luxury. Designers that understand that an event has a soul, and that they should not be cookie-cutter rentals.”
Miguel Calvo, event designer, Calvo Co., New York

“Seeing where the balance between in-person and online events settles—or if it will. There has been a lot going on with virtual or combination events, and I am interested to see what sticks, what is profitable, and what attendees insist upon.”
Beth Brodovsky, president, Iris Creative Group, Philadelphia

“I’m excited to see how social and digital media will impact events. There are so many opportunities for integration. I hope to see more event check-ins using iPads and much more digital integration for guests via location-based and texting apps.”
Jessica Acree, event marketing manager for North America, Illy Caffe, New York

“The reinvention of the event. Where events were once about a dynamic experience for a select few on a select date, it is now about reaching more folks and engaging them. It is not enough to just do a photo booth, have a performance, or create a beautiful room—you have to make everything come to life. This year will be the year of content.”
Drew Elliott, vice president of creative services and marketing, Paper magazine, New York

“The continued rise in interest in participant-driven conferences, where the ‘people formerly known as the audience’ can create the event they want, rather than be restricted to the vision of the program committee.”
Adrian Segar, owner, Segar Consulting, Marlboro, Vermont

“Events making greater use of social media to build communities that allow attendees to interact beforehand and to continue the conversation after, along with the increased use of hybrid events allowing folks who are unable to attend to view major sessions and participate remotely.”
Greg D. Ruby, supreme commander, Ruby Enterprises, Baltimore

“E-vites instead of paper invitations, especially for junior groups. Streamlining processes, trimming the budget fat, efficiency, and creativity.”
Gina Rogak, director of special events, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York

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