What's Your Dream Technology for Events?

From holographic projections to self-lighting candles, readers discuss the technology they wish existed for events and meetings.

By Claire Hoffman June 11, 2014, 7:15 AM EDT

(Pictured, left to right) Gwen Haynes, Eric Burg, Xenia Schutt

Photos: DeVonia Singleton (Haynes), Courtesy of Eric Burg and Xenia Schutt

“An agenda customization tool that has a recommendation engine like Amazon. Auto check-in for events where my landing at the airport would trigger my hotel check-in; I could sit and wait in a comfy lounge or my hotel room until receiving a text that my badge was ready for pickup at the event site. Full gesture technology for running presentations (reliable and intuitive). Wireless interfaces for video/projection systems that actually work.”
Midori Connolly, principal, AVGirl Productions, San Diego

“Holographic projections, so we could have all our staff present even though our team is all over the country.”
Eric Burg, president and C.E.O., Apple Rock Displays, Greensboro, North Carolina

“Being in two places at once. More realistically, an efficient person-to-person registration system.”
Liz McMahan, senior planner, ceremonials and event ­operations, York University, Toronto

“For dessert tables: an app where you can scan any size vase, jar, or container and type in what item you want to include (cookies, candy, doughnut holes), and it would tell you exactly the weight or amount you need to purchase.”
Gwen Haynes, owner, Eventworthy Meeting & Event Planning, Washington, D.C.

“Technology that tells you how many more of your event guests are on their way by tracking their cell phones.”
Leila Weller, business event marketing manager, Bell Mobility, Mississauga, Ontario

“A rejuvenation booth. Tired exhibitors and attendees could step in and walk out a minute later completely rested and energized. Bye, sore feet!”
Samantha Williams, marketing and sales coordinator, GraphiColor Exhibits, Livonia, Michigan

“Robots that run food to your guest, self-lighting candles, and bars that wipe themselves clean.”
Richard Lopez, event/program manager, South Beach Wine & Food Festival, Miami Beach, Florida

“Face-recognition software to check in.”
Xenia Schutt, marketing events ­coordinator, Raley’s, West Sacramento, California

“Isn't the [Star Trek] holodeck the ultimate in event spaces?”
Jason Harmer, sales and development manager, GetWorkers, Vancouver

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