Where RA's CEO Learned the Ropes

June 26, 2001, 12:00 AM EDT

Posted 06.26.01
Restaurant Associates CEO Nick Valenti shared some of his work experience in the “My First Job” column in The New York Times' Sunday business section. Valenti has been with the catering and restaurant giant since 1968, when he started as a receiving steward, buying and receiving all food for Restaurant Associates for the Pan Am terminal at Kennedy International Airport. Some of Valenti's feel-good advice: “Whether it's hot dogs or pheasant, if you have a high-quality product, people will be willing to pay for it.” Which reminds us: Restaurant Associates is known for its grand size, but we've also seen the company put out some especially nice spreads lately. The food at a recent COPE reception and at the CFDA awards was both beautiful and tasty.

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