Who Makes the Tonys?

May 22, 2002, 12:00 AM EDT

The New York Times left nothing out in its special section on the Tony awards--it even included an article about Frank DiBella of Academy Engraving, the man who makes the actual awards. Each trophy is actually a product of several pieces from all over the country: The base of the award is made in Maine of “high polish ebonized resin material.” The silver plated engraved nameplate hails from Georgia. “The swivel (which holds the medallion and is anchored in the base) is made of pewter and cast in California,” the story reports. And the “polished nickel-bronze with silver plating” medallion, which depicts the masks of tragedy and comedy, “is stamped by a hydraulic press below Canal Street that exerts 450 tons of pressure per square inch,” according to the article. And the price that Tony Award Productions pays for each award: $175.

Posted 05.22.02

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