Why a Red Bull Stunt Required 60-Foot Ceilings and a Helipad

The beverage brand kicked off its "Red Bull at Night" series with an attention-grabbing stunt in Los Angeles.

By Jenny Berg March 4, 2015, 7:00 AM EST

The four-story cube showcased projections that tied into the theme of the evolution of technology.

Photo: Carlo Cruz/Red Bull Content Pool

Red Bull hosted its first “Red Bull at Night” activation February 21 on the Exchange Building rooftop in Los Angeles. Dubbed “The Circuitry of Life: A Journey Through the Evolution of Technology,” the evening's centerpiece was a multimedia experience created by Heather Shaw, C.E.O. of the multidisciplinary design firm Vita Motus.

The experience was staged in a four-story cube that required a very particular type of venue. “Finding a unique location is important to creating a new experience,” Shaw said. “We searched all over L.A. for a place that could accommodate a four-story, 40- by 40-foot cube structure. At minimum, we needed 60-foot ceilings. Once we found the Exchange Building with the helipad, we all knew this would create the best experience in a unique location.”

Ultimately, the experience used visual art and live performances to explore the evolving connection between technology and human connection. “The initial directive for Red Bull at Night was to make it a dream project,” Shaw said. “Red Bull really wanted us to think differently. They were not asking to brand the piece or make it what they expected or needed for their brand, they wanted us to keep taking the idea further into what had not been seen before. They asked us to give a new reason for people to go out at night, and for us to keep pushing our boundaries.”

The event is part of a series that will involve collaborations with other artists over time.

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