Why Mondays Are Filled With Events

November 20, 2001, 12:00 AM EST

People love to complain about Monday mornings, but Monday nights are hot for parties and events. The lead story in The New York Times' Sunday Styles section recounted a number of celeb-filled parties last Monday (as if those don't happen any night in New York), and offered a few reasons for why the first day of the week is many planners' first choice for scheduling events.

“Monday's when everybody's really rested and frisky,” said Joe Armstrong, who is giving a party for Ann Richards on Monday, December 3. “I mean, Sunday you can shoot a cannon down the street and not hurt anybody,” he said. “But Monday, they're ready to jump back on the bucking bronco.” Monday is the off night for most Broadway and Off Broadway shows, so it's usually the only night theater people can show up. Restaurants are more likely to be available for private parties on Mondays. Press-hungry charities that host a party at the beginning of the week get enough time for Sunday society pages and weekly magazine spreads, and movie premieres get red carpet celeb pictures in the tabloids before a Friday opening.

Even legendary socialite and party gal Nan Kempner loves Monday. “It's a night when people are fresher,” she said. “And I think the produce might be fresher, too.”

Posted 11.20.01

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