Yokohama Exhibit Interprets L.A. Auto Show's Green Focus Literally

By Alesandra Dubin December 10, 2009, 12:00 PM EST

It will be weeks before the Los Angeles Auto Show, under way now through December 13, will reveal its final attendance tally. But the consumer show—the first major North American auto show of the season—has already generated much press buzz for a robust showing amid considerable attention to environmentally friendly vehicles.

One exhibitor took the green focus literally: Tire maker Yokohama has a booth at the show that makes use of a a 90-foot-long living wall made of plants. NatureExhibits designed the wall, constructing it from lettuce and red mustard plants that can be replanted. According to AutoBlog, the exhibitor says the wall will create “virtually zero waste,” and hopes it will encourage attendee traffic. NatureExhibits has photos of the look on its Web site.

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