YouTube Users Design a Slick Live Music Video

An HP promotion solicited comments from users online allowing a team of graphic and recording artists to work the feedback into a visually stunning live music event.

By Alesandra Dubin December 3, 2013, 7:30 AM EST

At HP's live music recording session, on-site graphic artists translated YouTube users' comments into a highly visual backdrop.

Photo: Courtesy of HP

Industry experts have long been predicting an end to clear boundaries between live and digital events. And HP recently hosted a promotion that seemed to exemplify that erosion of boundaries with a hyper-visual graphic live recording session, made possible by input from social media users.

Here’s how it worked: Earlier this month, anyone could visit to submit ideas, comments, and feedback for an upcoming live recording session. Then, beginning November 18, music producer Clams Casino and rapper Vic Mensa selected from among the comments to inspire their beats and lyrics as they created and evolved a musical track over a two-day period using the HP Split x2 laptop.

In addition to the musical artists, a graphic artist team was on site at the Sun Valley design gallery location to turn the comments into a visual experience that's featured as part of the backdrop for the final music video. During the live performance, the set continually evolved as the team created installations and artwork inspired by viewer comments.

The final track was released at the conclusion of the live event as a music video available on HP’s YouTube channel.

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