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Why StubHub Hosted a Live Game Show for Fans

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7 Ideas for 'Star Wars'-Theme Events


A New Option for Real-Time Virtual Site Visits

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How to Create Individual Looks for Back-to-Back Benefits

Group Calls on Conventions to Better Serve Attendees With Disabilities

Not all convention and meeting planners make their events accessible to people with disabilities, with injustices such as no access to the stage for speakers who use wheelchairs. But a group who...

Call Sheet Posted about 11 hours ago

Wedding Venue Fights to Ban Same-Sex Couples

Owners of a wedding venue near Albany, New York, are fighting a $13,000 fine for violating the state’s antidiscrimination law levied when they turned away a same-sex couple. They cited their Christian...

Call Sheet Posted about 11 hours ago

Tickets on Sale for Queen’s 90th Birthday Party

Talk about a massive guest list: About 25,000 people will celebrate the 90th birthday of British monarch Queen Elizabeth II with a multi-day event next year. Tickets are expected to sell out...

Call Sheet Posted about 11 hours ago

Amazon Ends Subway Ad Campaign Featuring Nazi Symbols

After outcry that included pressure from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Amazon has pulled an advertising campaign that wrapped subway cars in imagery from Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. The campaign promoted...

Call Sheet Posted about 11 hours ago

4 New Ideas for Entertaining in Dallas

Here's a look at what's new for 2016 in the Dallas area.

The Scout Posted about 13 hours ago

Paris Tourism Declines After Terrorist Attacks

Tourists are staying away from top attractions in Paris from the Louvre to the Eiffel Tower in the wake of terrorist attacks earlier this month. The declines are significant enough to prompt...

Call Sheet Posted yesterday

Amazon’s Ad Campaign for New Show Criticized for Nazi-like Images

To promote a new Amazon show, an advertising campaign covered New York subway cars with Nazi-inspired imagery that isn’t sitting well with straphangers. The MTA says the show, The Man in the...

Call Sheet Posted yesterday

Twitter Ends Blood Drives Because of Discrimination Against Gay Donors

Twitter announced a decision to stop hosting blood drives at its New York and San Francisco offices because of a government policy that bans gay and bisexual men from donating blood. International...

Call Sheet Posted yesterday

Why Bacardi Is Taking a House Party on Tour

The liquor brand incorporated a traveling house party into its new multicity campaign targeting millennials.

Coast to Coast Posted 2 days ago

4 New Ideas for Entertaining in Boston

Here's a look at what's new for 2016 in the Boston area.

The Scout Posted 2 days ago

What Does the "Internet of Things" Mean to Event Pros?

At the Event Innovation Forum in New York, DJ Saul discussed what industry professionals should know about technology's latest buzzword.

From the Editors Posted 2 days ago

Why Hollywood Treats Athletes to Private Movie Screenings

In N.B.A cities with fewer entertainment options, Hollywood marketers are finding a captive audience for films. They’re hosting private screenings of new films in the hopes that the athletes will tweet about...

Call Sheet Posted 3 days ago

Super Bowl Halftime Show Producer to Lead Democratic Convention

The two executive producers of the 2016 Democratic National Convention, to be held in Philadelphia, will include a veteran of the Super Bowl halftime show. The Hill: “The production pro [Ricky Kirshner]...

Call Sheet Posted 3 days ago

How Events Are Shaping Washington’s Dining Scene

Washington has become “an event planner’s dream metropolis” as more restaurants realize the need to include amenity-filled event space. The city’s food scene has also undergone a resurgence as restaurateurs chase money...

Call Sheet Posted 3 days ago

Holiday Gift Guide: 9 Ideas to Inspire Event Pros

Consider giving something that helps industry professionals remain clear-headed and motivated to meet fresh goals in the new year.

The Scout Posted 3 days ago

Why a Screening Room Is a Must-Have Meeting Space

Screening rooms at hotels and independent event venues can be used for everything from film festivals and smaller movie premieres to presentations and social events.

Venue News Posted 3 days ago

See a Brand's Thanksgiving Luncheon Amid 900,000 Cranberries

Ocean Spray marked its 85th anniversary by putting a 30-foot-long dining table in a fruit-filled bog in the middle of New York.

Event Report Posted 3 days ago

3 New Ideas for Entertaining in San Francisco

Here's a look at what's new for 2016 in the San Francisco area.

The Scout Posted 3 days ago

Paris Nightclub Won't Be Defined by Tragedy

The manager of Le Bataclan—the 151-year-old music venue that was one of the sites of last week's Paris terrorist attacks—says it won't be defined by tragedy. The historic music hall is known...

Call Sheet Posted 5 days ago

Los Angeles's Proposed Olympic Village Poses Problems

The Los Angeles Olympic committee is searching for alternatives for its 2024 Olympic village, as its current proposed location—a rail yard owned by Union Pacific Railroad—is now in jeopardy. The search happens...

Call Sheet Posted 5 days ago

Why D.I.Y. Weddings Look Better on Paper

As wedding costs rise, more and more couples turn to D.I.Y. weddings. But what many don't realize is how much time and effort it takes to personalize the affair. The New York...

Call Sheet Posted 5 days ago

10 Best Ideas of the Week: a Colorful Cupcake Wall, a Mac 'n' Cheese Award, Personalized Lipstick

Here's a look at 10 steal-worthy ideas we spotted this week.

News Posted 6 days ago

3 New Ideas for Entertaining in Phoenix/Scottsdale

Here's a look at what's new for 2016 in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area.

The Scout Posted 6 days ago

Authorities Cancel Climate Change Marches in Paris

Environmental activists will not be permitted to march through Paris during the climate talks scheduled to take place in the city later this month. Government authorities said it would be too difficult...

Call Sheet Posted 7 days ago

Behind the Scenes at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Prep

With more than 10,000 marchers, 850 clowns, and 26 floats from brands such as Hallmark, Ocean Spray Cranberry, and Build-A-Bear, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is no small operation. Here’s a look...

Call Sheet Posted 7 days ago

Why Some Architects Want to Get Rid of Sports Stadiums

With the price tag for building a new sports stadium starting at $1 billion and the average life span hovering as low as 20 years, it makes sense to rethink whether cities...

Call Sheet Posted 7 days ago

3 New Ideas for Entertaining in Houston

Here's a look at what's new for 2016 in the Houston area.

The Scout Posted 7 days ago

See Why Dewar’s Invited Consumers Inside a Whiskey Barrel

The spirits brand used projection mapping and virtual reality to educate and engage consumers.

Event Report Posted 7 days ago

Raw Space Checklist: 10 Critical Questions Event Pros Should Ask

Before signing a contract to rent a raw space, event and meeting professionals should have some specific questions answered.

Event Intelligence Posted 7 days ago

How Dressbarn Got Guests to Embrace Its Name

Personalized activations like 3-D printed lipstick and embossed bags engaged guests at the fashion brand’s event.

Event Report Posted 7 days ago

More Companies Hosting Holiday Parties

Businesses are feeling festive again, with more companies hosting holiday parties this year. Industry vets have noted, however, that the bashes aren’t as large or elaborate as pre-recession events. New York Post:...

Call Sheet Posted 8 days ago

Businesses Cancelling Events in Paris

From a New York Times luxury conference to an Aribnb property owners meeting, events scheduled to take place in Paris are being cancelled, cut short, or postponed. Foreign companies are also restricting...

Call Sheet Posted 8 days ago

Paris Maintains Bid for Summer Olympics

Paris will continue its quest to host the 2024 Summer Olympics as it recovers from the devastating terrorist attacks. A delegation will participate in a workshop at the International Olympic Committee in...

Call Sheet Posted 8 days ago

9 Smart Ways to Thank an Event Team

When it comes to showing appreciation, industry pros cite ideas ranging from in-office birthday celebrations to travel opportunities.

Event Intelligence Posted 8 days ago

4 New Ideas for Entertaining in Toronto

Here's a look at what's new for 2016 in the Toronto area.

The Scout Posted 8 days ago

Out of Office: How to Get the Most Out of Corporate Retreats

Meeting planners share tips for organizing group outings.

Event Intelligence Posted 8 days ago

How a Gala's Tribute Journal Became a Photo Op

The Spirit of Life gala reimagined the typical printed item as a unique visual.

Event Snapshot Posted 8 days ago

Activists Continue Plans to Protest Climate Summit in Paris

A climate summit scheduled to take place in Paris later this month will go on as planned, with high-profile participants including President Barack Obama. Environmental activists also are maintaining their plans to...

Call Sheet Posted 8 days ago

Official Suggests Emergency Drills at Venues

Event venues should practice how they would respond to the kind of attacks that took place in Paris last week, suggested the Brooklyn borough president, Eric Adams. New York Daily News: Adams...

Call Sheet Posted 8 days ago

Hollywood Scales Down Red Carpets Following Paris Attacks

Lionsgate scaled back the Los Angeles premiere of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, and other entertainment programs and events have acknowledged the terrorist attacks with moments of silence and other acts....

Call Sheet Posted 8 days ago

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