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10 Best Ideas of the Week: a Kids-Only Press Conference, Toys as Decor, a Geodesic Dome Lounge

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16 Cool Ice Sculptures That Break the Mold

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Call for Speakers: What Do You Want to Share?


Super Bowl XLIX Preview: What Brands Like Bud Light, DirecTV, and 'Playboy' are Bringing to the Big Game

Event Intelligence

Networking App Helps Set Up "Dates" at Events

The Secrets to Award Show Seating Lists

The producers of Sunday’s 21st annual Screen Actors Guild awards share their secrets for creating seating charts for the event, which places 1,234 people at dinner tables. And like many event planners...

Call Sheet Posted 2 days ago

Huge Demand for Windows Conference

Timing the registration for its Build 2015 developer conference to a day after a major product announcement, Microsoft created demand that helped the event sell out in less than an hour. The...

Call Sheet Posted 2 days ago

Experiential Marketing Lessons From Big Events

The Sundance Film Festival, now underway, as well as South by Southwest, Live Aid, and even the World’s Fair in 1893 offer some of the best experiential marketing, according to Eddie Newquist...

Call Sheet Posted 2 days ago

Comic-Con Could Leave San Diego

As San Diego’s plan to expand its convention center stalls, it may lose one of its biggest shows: Comic-Con International. With attendance of more than 130,000 people squeezing into 615,700 square feet...

Call Sheet Posted 3 days ago

The Super Bowl's Surprising Price Tag

Bidding to host the Super Bowl is a competitive process, but the mayor of this year’s host city of Glendale, Arizona, believes the game will cost the city more than $3 million...

Call Sheet Posted 3 days ago

Why Event Planning Is a Hot Field

Event planning is among the job fields with the most growth in the number of positions and in salary, according to the New York Department of Labor. AM New York: “There's no...

Call Sheet Posted 3 days ago

Turner Combines Network Upfronts Into One Big Show

Turner Broadcasting will present one big upfront presentation instead of individual events for each of its networks. Advertising Age: “The event, taking place on May 13 at the Theater at Madison Square...

Call Sheet Posted 3 days ago

Video Game Launch Douses New York City in Soda

To launch Candy Crush Soda Saga, digital entertainment company King planned a public event that shut down a stretch of Broadway.

Event Report Posted 3 days ago

Preston Bailey Asks if Big Flowers Are Over

On his blog, event designer Preston Bailey—famous for his gorgeous, over-the-top floral designs—shares criticism of his designs and aesthetic and wonders if the era of big flowers had ended. “If this statement...

Call Sheet Posted 4 days ago

Davos Adds Charitable Component

Planners of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, perhaps sensitive to the topics of the world’s richest people gathering at a time when others are struggling, has introduced a...

Call Sheet Posted 4 days ago

NBC Plans Free Live Stream of Super Bowl

NBC will produce a free 11-hour live stream of the Super Bowl that football fans can access from their desktop computers and tablets (Verizon has the smartphone rights). TechCrunch: “According to NBC...

Call Sheet Posted 4 days ago

How to Avoid Digital Disruption

At the Event Innovation Forum in New York, Will Travis discussed how Sid Lee seamlessly integrated technology into the experience at C2 Montréal.

News Posted 4 days ago

How to Plan a Kid-Friendly Convention

The Cubs Convention in Chicago had lots of perks for young baseball fans, including video games and meet and greets with mascot Clark the Cub.

Event Report Posted 4 days ago

15 Ideas for On-Theme Staff Outfits

On-site staff can help create immersive environments at events through inventive costumes, unusual makeup, or unique accessories.

Idea File Posted 4 days ago

Pope Francis Confirms Visit to U.S.

Pope Francis is planning a three-city tour of the United States in September to Washington, New York, and Philadelphia. Details of his trip attributed to the Catholic News Agency include visiting President...

Call Sheet Posted 5 days ago

Paris Fashion Week Boosts Security

Following deadly terrorist attacks in Paris, the organizer of Paris Fashion Week is boosting security measures. The measures by the Federation Francaise de la Couture are in part to make attendees feel...

Call Sheet Posted 5 days ago

Child Gets Bill for Missing Birthday Party

It’s not often that a child’s birthday party goes viral, but one British boy’s birthday did after his mother sent a bill to another child for missing the event. The friend’s parents...

Call Sheet Posted 5 days ago

Does Your Event Need an Anonymous Messaging App?

The app Secret creates a communication backchannel for event communities.

Event Intelligence Posted 5 days ago

How One Gala Offered Three Unique Experiences

The Pérez Art Museum Miami's benefit divided the evening into three sections, with different menus and service based on ticket price.

Event Report Posted 5 days ago

14 Wacky Event Ideas Inspired by Classic Board Games

Evoke nostalgia and a sense of fun competition with ideas inspired by Scrabble, Monopoly, Twister, and more.

Idea File Posted 5 days ago

YouTube Plans its Own Halftime Show

Offering counterprogramming to the Super Bowl halftime show, YouTube plans to produce its own show featuring the platform’s own stars and fake ads. Bloomberg News: “YouTube believes the growing profile of online...

Call Sheet Posted 6 days ago

Oprah Leads March in Selma

Oprah Winfrey—along with “Selma” castmates, director Ava DuVernay, and members of Congress—marched in Selma, Alabama, honoring the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. and recalling the civil rights event known as Bloody...

Call Sheet Posted 6 days ago

The New Look for Hotel Meeting Spaces

Forgoing bland, overtly corporate design, many hotels are renovating their facilities to offer more whimsical, interesting spaces. USA Today: “The new B Resort and Spa in Orlando has eight interior rooms for...

Call Sheet Posted 6 days ago

13 Unexpected Objects for Centerpieces and Tabletops

From old-school microphones to glittering golden busts, unusual pieces can add elements of whimsy or surprise in event decor.

Idea File Posted 6 days ago

Why One Brand Built a Greenhouse Instead of a Trade Show Booth

The accessories brand Want Les Essentiels de la Vie took its wares outdoors, building a custom structure on a plaza outside menswear show Pitti Uomo in Florence, Italy.

Event Snapshot Posted 6 days ago

Rethinking the State of the Union

With viewership of the president’s annual State of the Union address falling to 33 million people last year, the White House is rethinking how to present the big policy announcements typically unveiled...

Call Sheet Posted 9 days ago

Why Men’s Fashion Shows Matter

The women get the headlines, but men’s fashion shows—which are being shown across Europe this month—communicate important trends from the industry to consumers. Wall Street Journal: “‘They’re trade shows meant for press...

Call Sheet Posted 9 days ago

Do the Oscars Have a Diversity Problem?

One trend critics and moviegoers noticed from the Academy Award nominations Thursday was its lack of diversity. The New York Times: “The 2015 Oscars nominations did not recognize any actors of color...

Call Sheet Posted 9 days ago

2015 Preview: What's on Tap for Lollapalooza, Sapphire Now, and More

Here's a sneak peek at some of the year's biggest meetings and events including the Super Bowl, Coachella, Dreamforce, TIFF, the South Beach Wine and Food Festival, and more taking place across North America.

News Posted 9 days ago

10 Best Ideas of the Week: Inside the Golden Globes, a Silent Cocktail Reception, Pie Fries

Here's a look at 10 steal-worthy ideas we spotted this week.

News Posted 9 days ago

Republicans Move Up Convention

The Republican National Committee will hold its presidential nomination convention in July, a month earlier than its 2012 convention and two months earlier than in 2008. Next year’s event will be held...

Call Sheet Posted 10 days ago

The Radical Way the Oscars Should Change

The process is flawed for choosing the bests picture nominees at the Academy Awards and could use a radical overhaul, argues a columnist at the blog Vulture. One solution—using a seeded nomination...

Call Sheet Posted 10 days ago

Measles Outbreak Starts at Disneyland

The worst outbreak of measles in California in 15 years started last month at Disneyland, pointing to the risks of unvaccinated visitors. Los Angeles Times: “Disneyland was filled with holiday tourists from...

Call Sheet Posted 10 days ago

What to Do When Things Go Wrong at Events

At the Event Innovation Forum in New York, Frank Supovitz shared his tips for dealing with unexpected situations at events.

News Posted 10 days ago

How to Use Food to Get 3,700 Guests Buzzing

P.C.M.A.'s opening-night party offered an eclectic menu that had guests tweeting and talking.

Event Report Posted 10 days ago

8 Tips for Upgrading Your Business Conference

At the Robin Hood Investors Conference, smart design and executive-level perks created a comfortable environment for guests.

Event Intelligence Posted 10 days ago

6 Principles of "Frugal Innovation"

At P.C.M.A.’s Convening Leaders conference, consultant and author Simone Ahuja shared strategies from emerging markets that can be used to solve problems faster, cheaper, and better.

Event Intelligence Posted 10 days ago

College Football Championship Scores Record Ratings

The college football championship game Monday became the most-watched cable program ever, according to Nielsen, scoring record ratings for ESPN. The event, in its first year, saw Ohio State beat favorite Oregon...

Call Sheet Posted January 14, 2015, 8:37 AM EST

Would You Get Married in a Starbucks?

Celebrating with cake pops and lattes, more couples are choosing Starbucks as a wedding venue. The Daily Mail: “The popular coffee chain, which has more than 12,000 locations around the country, has...

Call Sheet Posted January 14, 2015, 8:37 AM EST

Ultra Music Festival Co-Founder Found Dead

The co-founder of the massively popular Ultra Music Festival, Alex Omes, 43, died Monday. Authorities have not released a cause of death. Miami New Times: “Omes' greatest legacy was the creation of...

Call Sheet Posted January 14, 2015, 8:37 AM EST

How a Sports Event Created Interactive Branding

For a V.I.P. tailgating event, the Pacific-12 Conference showcased its brand with social media contests, roving mascots, and more.

Event Report Posted January 14, 2015, 8:08 AM EST

8 Staging Ideas From Concerts and Music Festivals

Get inspired by the striking stage sets created at recent concert tours and music festivals.

The Scout Posted January 14, 2015, 7:15 AM EST

C.E.S. 2015: 5 Top Tech Trends the Event Industry Has Already Adopted

Although self-driving cars have yet to replace valets at big gatherings, drones, robots, virtual reality, 3-D printing, and wearable technology have appeared in various forms at events for years.

Event Report Posted January 14, 2015, 7:00 AM EST

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