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GatherGeeks Podcast by BizBash

Welcome to GatherGeeks, a place where people passionate about the power of live experiences come together. Join hosts Audrey Gallien and Brandt Krueger, as they discuss the latest news and trends affecting event marketers, meeting strategists, nonprofit organizers, and everyone in between. This new podcast by BizBash is the destination for information, innovation, and inspiration for anyone involved in planning events and meetings, from conferences, trade shows, and fund-raising galas to product launches, festivals, award shows, weddings, and birthdays.

Look for GatherGeeks in your favorite platforms: iTunes, Pocket Casts, Player FM, Stitcher, with more on the way. Connect with us on Twitter at @GatherGeeks and join the conversation using the hashtag #gathergeeks

Podcast: The Coachella Report—Everything Under the Desert Sun

A behind-the-scenes look at the 2016 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

Podcast: Confessions of an Event Tech C.E.O.

Dan Berger of Social Tables shares the behind-the-scenes scoop on what it’s really like to start an event tech company.

Podcast: What Does Conference Center Culture Mean Today?

David Adler sits down with top venue innovators at the International Association of Conference Centres.

Podcast: The Latest Trends in Destination Weddings and Events

What every event, conference, or meeting planner can learn from destination weddings.

Podcast: The Art and Science of Effective Senior Management Meetings

How to design impactful meetings for senior management that drive innovation, change, and learning.

Podcast: Disrupting Trade and Consumer Shows in the Digital Era—a Generational Discussion

Three generations of trade show C.E.O.s got cocktails with David Adler and talked about the future of big shows.

Podcast: Next-Generation Green Events and Meetings—Who Cares Now? Who Leads Now?

Green planning in 2016, and where the trend is headed next.

Podcast: SXSW, the Morning After—Lessons, Ideas, Pitfalls, and Wins That Work for Any Event

A look into this year’s South by Southwest 2016 music, film, and interactive festivals.

Podcast: 4 Tips & Tricks to Capturing Attention at Events

The psychology of grabbing—and keeping—people’s attention at events and beyond.

Podcast: Where Award Shows Fail—and How to Make Them Work

Exploring what makes a successful award show and how event pros can innovate.

Podcast: Tech-Smart Events—Beyond the Shiny New Toys

Understanding the importance of the experience and the attendee journey when considering event technology.

Podcast: Everything to Expect From Events and Meetings in 2016

A preview of what lies ahead for industry professionals.

Podcast: Do You Really Know What Millennials Want From Events?

An honest look at the views and expectations of the generation and an industry hoping to engage it.

Podcast: When Event PR Works—And When It Doesn't

Find out how new media has changed the event PR landscape.

Podcast: How Speakers Can Make or Break Events

Understanding the impact of presenters and keynotes at live experiences.

Podcast: Catering to the New Foodie Culture at Events

Today’s event and meeting professionals are tasked with innovating what’s being served—and how.

Podcast: Simplifying Event R.O.I.

Understanding how to measure return on investment (R.O.I.) is one of the most complex conversations in the event and meeting industry.

Podcast: The Importance of Emotional Event Design

A guide to curating attendees' emotions, mind control not included.

Podcast: The Why, the Trends & the Future of Events

BizBash has a new podcast, created for people passionate about live experiences. GatherGeeks will include news, fresh ideas, and interviews with meeting and event professionals around the world.