Advertising Specs

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Product Specifications

Digital Products


Web Banners

Web Ad Specs - Banner Package
Web Ad Specs - Interstitial Ad
Web Ad Specs - Wallpaper Ad
Web Ad Specs - Native Ad
   • Web Ad: Native Ad Submission Form

Email Products

Dedicated Email Specs
BizBash Daily Newsletter Specs
BizBash Daily Newsletter Submission Form

Content Marketing

Content Marketing Specs
Content Marketing Form
Video Content Marketing Specs
Video Content Marketing Form

Premium Sponsored Listings

Directory Listing Specs
Directory Listing Copy Submission Form - Venue
Directory Listing Copy Submission Form - Supplier

Lead Generation Products


Video Lead Gen Programs

Video Traction Specs
Video Pre-Roll Specs

Multi-Channel Marketing Program

Program Outline and Checklist

BizBash Match Program

BizBash Match Specs
BizBash Match Form

Audience Extention Programs

Sponsored Instagram Post

Sponsored Instagram Post Material Specs
Sponsored Instagram Post Submission Form

Facebook Extension

Facebook Extension Program Specs
Facebook Approved Pages How-To Sheet
Facebook Extension Program Submission Form

Targeted Digital Display Program 

Targeted Digital Display Material Specs
Targeted Digital Display Submission Form

Content Activation Program

Content Activation Specs
Content Activation Form

Print Products

BizBash Best AdsBizBash Magazine Ads

Formatted Ads


BizBash Best Formatted Ad Specs—All Templates
BizBash Best Formatted Ad—Single Image Template

BizBash Best Formatted Ad—2 Image Template  
BizBash Best Formatted Ad—3 Image Template

BizBash Best Formatted Ad—4 Image Template

Submission forms:

BizBash Best VENUE Formatted Ad Copy Submission Form
BizBash Best SUPPLIER Formatted Ad Copy Submission Form

BizBash Regular Magazine Display Page Specs
(All page sizes, including fractional ads and covers.)

Formatted Marketplace Ads
1/6 Page Submission Form
1/4 Page Ad Submission Form

Inside Edge
Submission form

Display Ads

BizBash Best Display Page Specs
(Full Page Only, Including covers)