Eclectic/Encore Props Inc.

47-51 33rd St.
Long Island City, NY 11101
With more than 500,000 props, eclectic has everything you need to design your world

Bash Buzz
Eclectic is the largest prop house on the East Coast

Memorable Moment
Celebrating 40 years of Eclectic Props in 2018

“No matter the client, product, or art direction, I can always count on Suri and her incredible team. The authenticity of Eclectic’s props and wide range of periods, styles, and materials give me the ability to totally transform any space. Eclectic is a must-know resource for New York City creatives!"
-- Christopher Spaulding, Eventlab

David Stark Design & Productions
EventLab Marketing
Oliver Cheng Catering
Bergdorf Goodman: Windows
Wizard Studios
MTV Network
Bootleg Productions: Boardwalk Empire
Condé Nast Publications
Ralph Lauren: Windows/Advertising

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