59 Fourth Ave.
New York, NY 10003
Saffron59 is a full-service "premiere caterer/event planning with Southeast Asian cuisine." Irene Khin and her staff travel extensively from the South China seas to the Aegean coast, bringing back treasures of lacquered trays and brocade textiles. For the past year, the team has successfully orchestrated catered events both large and small, from formal corporate galas to casual in-office get-togethers and outdoor affairs. Highlights:
Decor: palm leaves, kumquats, and star anise on the tables
Staff: dressed in bright silk sarongs and raw silk jackets
Specialty dishes: steamed seafood dumplings with lobster, scallops, and sole; Moroccan spiced lamb shanks

From kosher to dietary preferences, Saffron59 will customize menus to suit you and your guests. Dedicated and knowledgeable staff will work on your event, from fine cuisine to impeccable services, to create a memorable affair.
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