MeetMax Games

622 3rd Ave., 34th Floor
New York, NY 10017

MeetMax Games brings interactive face-to-face fun to any venue. MeetMax runs a variety of unique games that create challenging, lighthearted competition and get people interacting at events, conferences, team meetings, or parties.

"The teams were having fun with an experience that was entirely original."
 – Edward Roussel, Dow Jones.

“Great time, great fun. Watching everyone from support staff to CEO run around laughing, plotting, working together and a even little negotiation made for a great interactive group activity.”
 – Ken Wolfrath, BNP Parabis

“Wow, just wow! Two hours just went by and can’t get enough of it. Never have a party game this fun, really an icebreaker. Results in increase socialization. MeetMax Games is making games interactive again.”
 –Calvin Chui, Corporate Event     

Partial Client List
BNP Parabis, Dow Jones, Wall Street Transcript, Liberty Mutual, Jeffries

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