Atmosphere Inc.

8801 Monard Drive
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Atmosphere Inc. is committed to providing its clients with consistent professional service, while emphasizing creativity, flexibility, care, and concern for details and safety.
Atmosphere’s greatest asset is its team of professionals that works with clients. Hand-picked production professionals and technicians are carefully matched with specific event requirements to produce hundreds of high-quality events.
Memorable Moments
Every opportunity it has to bring a client's vision to life is a memorable moment for Atmosphere Inc.
“On every job, you bring the creative vision to life and execute it with consummate professionalism, all the while doing it on time, in budget, and with a reassuring smile. A producer could ask for nothing more.” – Ric Kirby, Executive Producer/Show Director Shocking Orange Productions
Hargrove Inc., SYZYGY, Microsoft, Ridgewells Catering, BET, Bravo, Occasions Caterers, Smithsonian Institution, Booz Allen Hamilton,
Christie Lites, 4Wall Entertainment, Maryland Sound International, All Stage & Sound Inc., Quince Imaging, Sunbelt Rentals, Main Light Industries Inc.
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Special Events
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