Ruvo Reps

A veteran in the industry with more that 20 years experience in sales, marketing, and design of upper end home decor, Michael Ruvo of Ruvo Reps represents artists and manufacturers specializing in unique product for the residential and commercial market. He works with boutique stores, designers, and industry leaders to develop, market, and sell product that brings joy into lives.

“I have worked alongside Michael over the past five years. His attention to detail and superior customer service set him apart in his industry. I have found few and far between sales reps that give the time and attention Michael gives to everyone he meets.”
—Jodi Dickson-Pacheco, senior visual merchandiser/administrative sales manager at Hobie Cat Company, Linkedin

Partial Client List
Veritas Optic Crystal Glass, Mitchell Black Home, Abby Modell Contemporary Art Glass, Mepra S.P.A.
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Michael Ruvo