LA Allstars Entertainment

P.O. Box 10836
Burbank, CA 91510
LA Allstars is an ultra-hip, contemporary corporate band available in any configuration; it also offers DJs and dancers. Clients include I.B.M., Google, Bank of America, Toyota, and McDonald's. Celebrity clients such as Oprah and Dr. Phil have also been guests at shows.
LA Allstars will go above and beyond to make sure each and every event is much more than just an event, but an experience. Guests are taken on an energetic, interactive journey where they will sing, clap, and learn new dance moves. They guarantee it.
Memorable Moments
LA Allstars is proud to be in its ninth year as a successful small business, continually adapting to many changes in clients needs, expectations, and trends. It’s one of the most accommodating entertainment companies in the business both on and off stage.
"A huge thank you to the LA Allstars for making the President's Gala such a great experience for all. This is the first time they've had entertainment of your caliber. I appreciate your energy, your flexibility, and, as always, your professionalism."
I.B.M., Google, Twitter, Bank of America, Toyota, AOL, Sony Pictures, Warner Brother Studios, Oprah Winfrey, McDonald’s, Chevron, AFLAC, Herbalife, American Express
LA Allstars was a finalist for Event Solutions Spotlight Awards in 2013
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Associated Entertainment Consultants, Baskow & Associates
ASCAP, Showcases for Event Solutions, IACEP, Harrah’s Meeting Planner Event, and The Special Event Show
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