Official Lipstick Reader

1619 North La Brea Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90028

The Official Lipstick Reader™ is a highly amusing interactive entertainer that will have guests intrigued, excited, and talking about their "KISS" encounter. As a Kiss Whisperer, Miranda has customized her techniques and developed KISSmet™ and Tarot Tells with a Kiss™ proprietary methods. She is the only lip print reader in the world that offers forensic, intuitive, and digital readings to guests of any gender. Miranda’s charm and knowledge have earned her the trust of celebrities and luxury brands. Each show, small or large, is uniquely designed for the specific audience and is never the same twice—guaranteed! The art of lipstick readings offers a holistic approach to entertainment for events. Have you had your kiss today? Call Today!

Memorable Moment
The Official Lipstick Reader evolved from a vendor tabletop to becoming a showstopper, team builder, and headliner.         

"...but of course it (our event) was different – you are amazing. I know there are other psychic entertainers that say that they are lipstick readers and we know they don’t do what you do…" 
— Peggy Jewel, Executive Producer inn-entertainment  

"Anita Miranda, the Lipstick Reader, is my favorite person in life. So yesterday we were at Tori Spelling’s event, I brought her in tonight for Karina’s event — Karina Smirnoff, who’s launching this beauty line — and I literally was in tears yesterday from my reading. I’m like “Oh, this is nothing.” I kiss a piece of paper, she reads my lips: past and present and was dead on. To the point, I was in tears — from the past — and then happy tears for the future. She is legit, she has wit, and you have to hire her for everything you do."
 — Harmonie Krieger, Pop Your Shop    

"We just hired Anita Miranda, the lipstick psychic, for my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah, and it was amazing. There was a line all the way past the food tables and the bar. It was really perfect. All the kids loved it and swarmed her booth, then as soon as she was through with the kids, all the adults snuck over and were like “yes please, we also want this.” So it was a hit with everyone across the board and it really made my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah special. And she did an amazing job making my daughter feel special. It was wonderful. I would recommend this for, like, not only a Bat Mitzvah but, like, any kind of party where you’ve got a mixed crowd. Like, the kids loved it, the adults loved it — I would definitely recommend this as a fun party activity and get people up and active and having a great time."
 —  April Peveteau, Mother-Event Planner

Partial Client List
DIOR, Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, SmartMeetings, CB2, SIMPLY        

Preferred Partners
SmartMeetings, Sisley Paris, Netflix, Madame Tussauds, California Market Center

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