Atom World's Fastest Painter

8560 Hillside Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90069

Atom, the World's Fastest Painter is an artist and a showman who paints moon art in front of live audiences. Each painting is a dazzling lunar landscape, space world, or slice from science fiction that is created in only three minutes. From street artist to paid professional, Atom has performed at events, on TV, and for celebrities. Book him now for this year's hottest show.

"His performances are so fun, it is crazy. There is always music playing, people dancing, and Atom painting. He knows how to put on a show, as if entertaining was in his blood when he was born."
—Hannah Pryor, Mark Sonder Productions Entertainment Agency

Bash Buzz
Every three minutes I make an incredible painting to give to your guests, all while making them laugh at my funny antics.

American Cancer Society, Arizona Iced Tea, Billboard Live, Cadillac, Disneyland, Excel, J.C. Penney, Kroger Foods, Verizon Wireless