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Gladiator Productions

Igniting Magic in the Arena of Entertainment

Los Angeles, CA

Meet Gladiator Productions. A new kind of production company.

To be a Gladiator means we don’t rest until your project is perfect. We love the journey, the sweat, the challenge, and we accomplish your vision EVERY TIME within any time frame. The words ’no’ or ‘can’t do that’ are simply not in our vocabulary. This is what you get when you bring on Gladiator Productions as your partner. And that’s how we view it—a partnership where we will put our all into your production. And you can sleep easy knowing it will come to life at a scale of excellence in epic proportions exceeding your vision. There is no detail too small. No challenge too great. No timeline too short. We step into the arena ready to create a big win for you. The best part? We make the journey stress-free and fun while guaranteeing you will see a perfect production from every angle and within your budget. 

That is what it means to be a Gladiator. 

The world of entertainment, experiences and events has the power to bring people together, just as one of our six principles states: "Better Together." And we have a vision of a world that is inclusive, unified and filled with love. Love for everyone—celebrating every race, ethnicity, background, color, gender, sexual orientation, age and size. Because bringing people together is what we do—for our clients, for our audience and for a better world. That’s the future we are creating at Gladiator Productions.

Our massive network of fellow Gladiators empowers our storytelling. From our founders to our staff to the artisans and creators that form GP, our team is made up of individuals from differing backgrounds, cultural heritage and the LGBTQ+ community. We believe diversity makes us stronger, and that is what leads Gladiators to achieve excellence for all and celebrate every individual identity both within GP and around the world.

We love fun surprises, but surprises about how a production comes to life is never good for a client. That’s why we believe in 100% honesty and transparency. We use a four-phase production process that allows you to always know where we are in the process of bringing your show to life, and how each phase impacts your budget. Gladiators seek long-term relationships, assuring you feel protected along the way.

To explore more about Gladiator Productions, our services and portfolio, visit and follow GP on all social platforms at @gladiatorprods. 

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