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We started with a mission: to resolve the tedious process of networking at events. At the heart of Grip is our fundamental belief in great user experience and our passion for crafting holistic products that people love using. With our app, attendees make the most of your event by giving them power over who they wish to meet while helping them in the background. The Grip app empowers users to make valuable connections thanks to our advanced artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence guides them through potential connections, making your event more interactive and relevant to them, giving you the reassurance of a successful event. We were determined to resolve the problems we had when networking online, where networks have become nothing more than long lists of connections, and offline at events, where we often miss out on the most interesting connections in the room. A handshake on Grip is more than a connection, it leads to instant interaction with professionals to share ideas, meet, and work together. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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