Prop Creations by PrimeTime Amusements

5300 Powerline Road
Suite 210
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
PrimeTime Amusements is a global operator, seller, and event renter of video arcade machines and simulators. Founded in 1992 by David Goldfarb, the company is headquartered in South Florida. PrimeTime Amusements’ customers, however, represent countries and markets around the world, including the United States, Central America, South America, Europe, and Africa. PrimeTime Amusements has four key areas of business: operations, rentals, sales, and theming (better known as Prop Creations). Prop Creations was launched in 2011 and is head by an art designer and team of sculptors with more than 40 years of combined experience. The creations or statues are primarily constructed from foam and hard-coated with paint, which ensures that the finished products are lightweight and easy to transport, yet waterproof with the ability to be kept outdoors. The Prop Creations team creates the pieces using a combination of CNC 3-D cutting machinery and hand-sculpturing, followed by hard-coating and intricate painting. Prop Creations can design, build, and create props, figures, statues, and set design for any environment at any size. Learn more at and
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