SoHo Experiential L.L.C.

65 North Moore St.
2nd Floor
New York, NY 10013
Here’s the painful truth: traditional avenues of marketing and communication are quickly becoming irrelevant. Here’s the good news: SoHo Experiential has the expertise, the international reach, and the tools to help your brand connect with the consumer you value the most. SoHo Experiential is in the business of creating joy, excitement, and passion. Our core marketing communication platforms give brands the opportunity to profoundly engage and influence consumers. We start with big ideas, produce strategic and innovative experiences, and inspire consumers to fall madly, deeply in love with your brand.
SoHo Experiential creates experiences that seamlessly blend brand education and buzz; when our guests depart our events, they will always remember the brand and its message, but more importantly, they will remember, and share, how they were entertained.
Memorable Moments
A recent memorable moment was when we received a handwritten thank-you letter from a participant in our Remy Ringleader program describing it as “the best day in [his] life.” It reinforced to us the immense value of good strategic thinking supported by excellent creative and execution.
- Rémy Martin
- Bravo
- Pepsi
- The Macallan
- Chateau Ste. Michelle
- Wines of Chile
- Godiva
- Showtime
- Help Hope Live
- Envisage
- Spot On Creative Group
- Symmetry Event Solutions
- Boost Promotions
- Visual Marketing Partners
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