Nominations are now open for the 12th Annual EEAs!
It's time to make your mark. Nominations are now open for the 12th Annual Event Experience Awards!
259 West 30th St.
12th Floor
New York, NY 10001
For close to 30 years, Scharff Weisberg has been providing audio, video, and lighting technology for the staging of live events. Whether you’re looking to dazzle the ears, eyes, or mind, it's got the latest equipment on hand and the expertise to make it work for you. In an industry that always seeks to define itself by the latest technology, anyone with experience can tell you that Scharff Weisberg's greatest technology is people: People who know how to listen to you. People who know which equipment will best meet your needs. People who will make sure it will get to where it’s needed on time and within budget.
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