Minus5 Ice Bar

9101 International Drive
Suite 1198
Orlando, FL 32819
Minus5 is a unique attraction completely made of ice. They prepare you for the polar temperatures with a coat, gloves, and boots as you enjoy a cocktail out of their ice glasses. Minus5 a perfect venue for all events and occasions offering customized ice sculptures, catering, photo packages, and more.
From custom-made ice sculptures to beverage/catering and service packages, we have what it takes to make your event the coolest experience in town.
Memorable Moments
Minus5 has plenty of memorable moments such as being featured on a variety of national TV programs including Travel Channel's Trip Flip and Extreme Vegas, E! Entertainment's Holly's World, and Animal Planet's Tanked.
"The Minus5 experience was the perfect way to end a long day of meetings for our board of directors. Between the personalized drink menu, the fantastic photographs, and our company logo in an ice sculpture, our group found it fun and memorable." -- Oracle
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