Art of Imagination

216 North Halsted St.
Chicago, IL 60647
Art of Imagination is a full service event production company that specializes in creative space design, innovative lighting and fabric treatments striving for Eco Friendly solutions.

Art of Imagination brings together the total design to fit the objective of your event.

The artistic team of Art of Imagination are comprised of experienced event and space designers, management companies to guide you through the event, florists and décor stylists to create unique installations to customize impactful, functional and successful “One of Kind Events”.
“Imagination is the Beginning of Any Great Event”
Memorable Moments
Meeting the Dali Lama and becoming so inspired that I can incorporate positive energy into my work and lifestyle.
Leo Burnett, Inc.
University of Chicago
Merchandise Mart
Shedd Aquarium
Quaker Oats
John Hancock
Wheaton College
Stan Mansion
Room 1520
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Art of Imagination