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What Did You Learn This Year?

Anna Noriega, David Jacobson, and Nancy Shaffer
Anna Noriega, David Jacobson, and Nancy Shaffer
Photo: Jordan Michael Zuniga, Patrick Donahue, and FotoBriceno LLC

"The importance of slowing down. Sometimes it is in those down times when I allow my mind to rest that I find my best new ideas."

Mary Giuliani, founder, Mary Giuliani Catering & Events, New York

“To trust my team. The new level of collaboration has sparked a huge increase in our corporate group and meeting volume. We’ve managed to build client loyalty in a short amount of time, and I think that happened because we’ve really embraced teamwork on a deeper level.”

Jennifer Delgado, assistant director of conference services, the Westin New York Grand Central, New York

“That your staff is a direct reflection of who you are and how your clients perceive you. Give them all the tools to succeed, and ensure they represent your company and vision to perfection.”

Anna Noriega, creative director and president, Alorè Event Firm, Miami

“To quickly find a trusted local agency to partner with when planning international events. Their knowledge of local customs, vendor relationships, and on-site staff are so valuable.” 

Dora Manuel, owner, Viva Bella Events, Cincinnati

“To keep better records on event and program recaps so that you can more quickly access useful information for future events. This also means not to close any doors on the past because you can always come up with another creative twist on something you've done before."
Terry Matthews, planner, TML Services, Orlando

“During times of crisis, converting a scheduled event into a fund-raiser is unquestionably the right move.” 

David Jacobson, owner, TrivWorks, New York

“That media integration and sharing live from events is a must—from event hashtags to image sharing.”

Chip Alyea, vice president business development, Flipbook Creations, Orlando

“That forming solid client friendships really helps. Becoming more than just a name in a contact directory this year meant clients trusted us and gave us leeway to supply a solution to their needs. This resulted in a better service for the client and a less stressful deployment for our teams.”

Andrew Robertson, manager, EITS Global Services, Glasgow, U.K.

“That many clients, when starting the search for a firm, believe all planners are created equal. It is our job to show them how this is not true—as an industry we must work together to educate clients about value and worth.”

Nancy Shaffer, C.E.O., Bravo! Events by Design, Washington

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