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Welcome to GatherGeeks, a place where people passionate about the power of live experiences come together. Join David Adler, C.E.O. of BizBash, and Beth Kormanik, editor in chief of BizBash, as they discuss the latest news and trends affecting event marketers, meeting strategists, nonprofit organizers, and everyone in between. This new podcast by BizBash is the destination for information, innovation, and inspiration for anyone involved in planning events and meetings, from conferences, trade shows, and fund-raising galas to product launches, festivals, award shows, weddings, and birthdays.

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Podcast: So You Want to Be an Event Entrepreneur? (Episode 135)

McVeigh Global Meetings and Events C.E.O. Jeff Guberman shares practical tips for starting successful event-related businesses.

Podcast: Creating Events That Resonate With Today's Tastemakers (Episode 134)

Justin Lefkovitch of Mirrored Media discusses how he fuses music and magic to create buzzworthy events.

Podcast: Event Producer Andy King Spills the Beans on the Fyre Festival (Episode 133)

The Fyre Festival event planner discusses his relationship with Billy McFarland, where the festival went wrong—and yes, that infamous story that led to his viral fame.

Podcast: Talking Trade Show Strategy With UBM Fashion (Episode 132)

Kelly Helfman, the president of west coast women's fashion shows for UBM Fashion, discusses this week's massive Magic marketplace.

Podcast: Chef Charlie Palmer on the New Era of Fine Dining and Events (Episode 131)

The acclaimed chef and restaurateur discusses how the restaurant, hotel, and event businesses have changed in the last three decades.

Podcast: How to Facilitate Meaningful Conversations at Events (Episode 130)

What is a Jeffersonian Dinner, and why is it an effective tool for face-to-face gatherings?

Podcast: Is Live Storytelling the Future of Events? (Episode 129)

What event organizers can learn from the popular Pop-Up Magazine event series.

Podcast: How Face-to-Face Events Can Change the World (Episode 128)

Richard Attias, a leader in the world of high-profile global conferences, discusses how live gatherings can build bridges between cultures and world leaders.

Managing Event Rental Chaos—Special Edition

A New Solution ​Faster Better Smarter for the New Pop Up World

Podcast: Creating Authentic Brand Experiences in a Tech-Driven Age (Episode 127)

CSM LeadDog's Dan Mannix shares his rules for effective sponsorships, dealing with superfans, evoking attendee emotions, and more.

Podcast: The Coolest New Ideas for Event Entertainment Today (Episode 126)

The Idea Hunter's Janice Cardinale discusses how to find memorable event entertainment, and recommends her favorite new acts.

Podcast: A New Way to Look at Event Sponsorships (Episode 125)

Alive & Well Co.’s Natasha Ellis shares why sponsors should really be viewed as partners—and gives tips for how to make that happen.

Podcast: 10 New Rules for Event Success (Episode 124)

Caspian Agency’s Heather Mason breaks down the “Caspian 10 Essentials,” her methodology for producing effective events and conferences.

Podcast: Creating Spectacle and Stunts That Get Event Guests Talking (Episode 123)

New York-based creative director Michael Cirino shares how to craft interactive, memorable experiences that capture attention and generate emotions.

Podcast: How to Make Your Corporate Event Feel Like a Family Event (Episode 122)

The founders of the Engage! wedding business summits discuss how they create welcoming experiences before and during an event.

Podcast: How to Strategically Manipulate Events (Episode 121)

New York-based event producer Jes Gordon shares how to create a great impression for both guests and clients.

Why First Impressions Make or Break Your Event

Podcast: How to Create Positive First Impressions for Event Guests (Episode 120)

Dallas-based event designer Todd Fiscus discusses why first impressions should generate emotion.

Podcast: How to Create Thoughtful Events for Every Type of Client (Episode 119)

Los Angeles-based event and wedding planner Debbie Geller shares her tips and tricks.

How Hilton Leverages Community to Create Experiential Events—Special Edition

Podcast: What Event Pros Can Learn From the 50-Year-Old Meridian Ball (Episode 118)

As the black-tie fund-raiser in Washington approaches its 50th anniversary, organizers share why its protocol rules can apply to all events.

Podcast: What Planners Need to Know About Event Technology Now (Episode 117)

Event Tech Live’s Adam Parry provides an accessible guide to the most important new technology.

The Anatomy of a Modern Event Agency- Special Edition

How LEO Events Successfully Manages Production and Creative Content

Podcast: Inside Walmart’s Big-Event Strategy (Episode 116)

The events team for the world's largest retailer shares behind-the-scenes details and strategies from the 15,000-attendee Walmart Shareholders Conference.

Podcast: How Events Became Essential to Condé Nast’s Strategy (Episode 115)

Erica Boeke, vice president of experiential for Condé Nast, takes us behind the scenes of the iconic media brand’s biggest events.

Podcast: What Makes a Great Event Host? (Episode 114)

Carla McDonald, founder of entertaining website The Salonniere, discusses best practices for party hosts, rules for dinner parties, and more.

Podcast: Practical Advice for Third-Party Event Planners (Episode 113)

Durham, North Carolina-based planner Christie Cook discusses essential skills every third-party planner should have, plus the benefits of a small- to mid-size city for meetings and events.

Podcast: Essential Rules for Event Speakers (Episode 112)

Public speaking coach Brett Lavender gives practical tips and tricks for communicating with audiences at conferences, meetings, and other events.

Podcast: Everything You Didn't Know About Table Linens (Episode 111)

Nüage Designs founder Pablo Oliveira shares everything you need to know about textiles for events.

Podcast: When Events Don’t Work, and 7 Other Smart Ideas for Engaging Attendees (Episode 110)

Amanda Slavin of CatalystCreativ breaks down the seven levels of event engagement.

Podcast: The Importance of Mapping Out an Event Narrative (Episode 109)

Empire Entertainment’s J.B. Miller shares tips for first and last impressions, balancing emotional messaging with logistics, and more.

Podcast: Bryan Rafanelli on Creating “Wow” Moments at Events (Episode 108)

The busy event designer discusses the importance of first impressions, his time at the Obama White House, and more.

Podcast: Colin Cowie’s Tips for Seducing Clients and Guests (Episode 107)

The celebrity designer discusses how he makes a good first impression, wins over clients, appeals to all five senses, and more.

Podcast: Designing Events for Instagram vs. the Guest Experience (Episode 106)

Designer and producer Larry Abel shares his biggest rules for invitations, client relationships, finding inspiration, and more.

Podcast: Univision's Marketing Chief on Taking Event Risks That Pay Off (Episode 105)

Rachel Gross shares her tips for creating unique brand events, engaging an audience, building a strong team, and more.

Podcast: Why Coworking Venues Are the Hottest New Gathering Places (Episode 104)

Sacha ElWakeel, co-founder of Toronto coworking space Love Child Social House, discusses the rapidly expanding venue type.

Podcast: Effective Ways to Promote Face-to-Face Interaction at Meetings (Episode 103)

The Fresh Conference’s Maarten Vanneste shares his tips for getting guests networking.

GatherGeeks Live: The Importance of Strategic Storytelling (Episode 102)

In the first live episode of GatherGeeks, Capricia Marshall, Annie Senatore, DJ Saul, and Jodi Moraru share their tips for events and storytelling.

Podcast: How C2 Montréal Uses Disruption to Create Game-Changing Results for Participants (Episode 101)

C2 International president Richard St-Pierre discusses how the conference’s unique experiences can maximize human potential.

Podcast: Defining the Purpose of a Live Event (Episode 100)

Priya Parker of Thrive Labs discusses her new book, The Art of Gathering.

Podcast: Defining K.P.I.s and Other Client Tips From a Top Event Pro (Episode 99)

Scott Cullather of InVNT discusses his approach to brand storytelling.

Podcast: How Local Event Companies Can Have a Global Reach (Episode 98)

Shai Tertner of Shiraz Creative discusses the ways his company—and the industry as a whole—has changed.

Podcast: How the Trade Show Industry Has Been Failing Women—Until Now (Episode 97)

Two presenters at the SISO Executive Women’s Forum discuss how women can make strides in a male-dominated industry.

Podcast: How Event Producers Will Survive in the Gig Economy (Episode 96)

Happily founder Sarah Shewey shares what she’s learned while specializing in day-of event operations.

Sponsored Podcast: It’s the Guest Experience, Stupid

Eric Murphy of by Condé Nast shares how to make every guest feel special with event personalization tools on steroids.

Podcast: How You Should Talk to Clients, and Other Tips From a Top Event Pro (Episode 95)

Event veteran and author Andrea Michaels shares tips and tricks from her 45-year career.

Podcast: What Younger Audiences Want From Events (Episode 94)

Two planners who regularly work with Millennials and Generation Z share how their businesses have changed to reach new clients.

Podcast: What Works in Experiential Marketing Today (Episode 93)

The C.E.O. of experiential firm Grandesign discusses how he creates buzzworthy brand activations—and generates revenue.

Podcast: New Ideas in Ballroom Design (Episode 92)

The team behind the recently transformed Ziegfeld Ballroom discusses the dos and don’ts of modern ballroom design.

Podcast: What Planners Want From Event Vendors Now (Episode 91)

The Hot List's Michael Cerbelli returns to GatherGeeks to share how he uncovers the industry's most notable new trends and products.

Podcast: What You Don’t Know About Destination Management Companies (Episode 90)

Tony Lorenz of AlliedPRA discusses the importance of local expertise when planning events, meetings, and conferences.

Podcast: How to Apply Augmented Reality and the Internet of Things in Events (It’s Easier Than You Think) (Episode 89)

DJ Saul of iStrategy Labs discusses how technology-enabled experiences can enhance live events and brand messaging.

Podcast: The Latest Trends in Trade-Show Technology (Episode 88)

Event tech consultant Marco Giberti shares his predictions for the future of event registration, mobile apps, and more.

Podcast: The Art of High-End Event Gifting—With a French Twist (Episode 87)

Charles Doligé of LR Paris discusses how brands can provide high-quality premiums at events.

Podcast: The Hottest Trends in Event Industry Recruiting (Episode 86)

Veteran recruiter Dawn Penfold returns to GatherGeeks to share the latest news and trends in meeting and event jobs.

Podcast: Are You an Effective Event Professional? (Episode 85)

Tahira Endean discusses her new book and the seven “intentions” that lead to effective meetings and events.

Podcast: How Millennial Event Agencies Are Making Brands Cool Again (Episode 84)

BMF Media founder Brian Feit discusses how music, social media influencers, and new technology are helping brands get more attention than ever before.

Podcast: Inside the Mind of a Super Bowl Producer (Episode 83)

Former N.F.L. event executive Frank Supovitz discusses the logistics—and challenges—behind planning an event seen by 150 million people.

Podcast: How the Most Innovative New Technology Will Affect Events (Episode 82)

Technology consultant Clare Dillon shares what’s next in technology and how event planners can adapt it for their own meetings and events.

Podcast: How to Plan Events Clients Will Love (Episode 81)

Producer Jes Gordon discusses her planning process, from the initial client meetings to the day of the event to the most effective way to hold a postmortem.

Podcast: How to Plan Big Events Without Sacrificing the Guest Experience (Episode 80)

Washington-based event producer Julie Hanson discusses the logistics behind the massive Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Ball, and shares tips for other large-scale events.

Podcast: How to Grow Your Event Portfolio (Episode 79)

Learn how Washingtonian magazine has created an event empire that appeals to millennials and older guests alike, while building sponsorships and learning from past events.

Podcast: Does Your Caterer Need a Research and Development Department? (Episode 78)

Eric and Mark Michael of Washington-based Occasions Caterers discuss how—and why—they are constantly innovating.

Podcast: Do Pomp and Pageantry Have a Place in Modern Events? (Episode 77)

Washington event veteran Susan Davis delves into her 35-year history of planning large public events of national significance.

Podcast: A Conversation With BizBash C.E.O. David Adler and President Richard Aaron (Episode 76)

The founders of BizBash discuss how the industry has changed.

Podcast: Taking the Pain Out of Paying Vendors (Episode 75)

How Talia Mashiach identified a pain point in the event industry and other insights on being an entrepreneur in event tech.

Podcast: Three Decades of Event Design Evolution (Episode 74)

Designer Matthew David Hopkins shares how his approach to events has—and has not—changed during his long career.

Podcast: The Benefits of an In-House Event Department (Episode 73)

Carol Muldoon of KPMG takes us behind the scenes of the accounting firm’s massive 120-employee events department.

Podcast: What Is a Cognitive Event? (Episode 72)

The owners of Drury Design share why the future of meetings is highly personalized, technology-forward gatherings.

Podcast: What Brand Marketers Should Know About Swag (Episode 71)

Larry Cohen of Axis Promotions discusses why promotional products can be an important way to market your brand.

Podcast: How Event Planners Are Using Holograms in Surprising Ways (Episode 70)

Ashley Crowder of Vntana shares how interactive holograms are changing conferences, meetings, presentations, and more.

Podcast: An Insider Look at Booking Celebrities for Corporate Events (Episode 69)

Amir Epstein of talent-booking firm RER Productions shares what you need to know about how to hire big-name musicians, comedians, and others for events.

Podcast: Should You Consult an Astrologist Before Planning Your Next Event? (Episode 68)

World-renowned astrologist Leslie McGuirk discusses how to use astrology to pick an event date, accommodate different attendee communication styles, and even plan a menu.

Podcast: How Caterers Can Surprise Their Clients (Episode 67)

Event-entertaining veteran Peter Callahan discusses his new book Party Food, and shares how he meets today’s catering challenges.

Podcast: The Evolution of New York Fashion Week (Episode 66)

Catherine Bennett of IMG and Laurie DeJong of LDJ Productions discuss the unique logistics behind planning one of the world’s largest events.

Podcast: Today's Secrets to Smart PR and Creative Events (Episode 65)

As PR firm Magrino celebrates its 25th anniversary, co-founders Susan and Allyn Magrino discuss how social media, technology, and other new trends have changed the industry.

GatherGeeks Special Report: The Art of Statement Events

Over the past year, BizBash teamed up with Duggal Greenhouse to host a series of curated conversations with more than 45 event professionals. Here’s what they had to say.

Podcast: Finding the Courage to Reinvent Your Career (Episode 64)

Event and entertainment veteran Michael Cerbelli leads the way, sharing the story of his own unconventional career path and the lessons he's learned.

Podcast: How Would the Event Doctors Diagnose Your Meeting? (Episode 63)

Consulting firm Minding Your Business discusses how they help companies create, design, and produce more effective meetings and events.

Podcast: Insider Tips for Running a Convention-Center Hotel (Episode 62)

Michael Stengel, senior vice president of Gaylord Hotels for Marriott, shares the latest convention-center trends and the ways he manages more than 8,400 employees.

Podcast: Holly Peterson’s New Rules for Dinner Parties

The journalist and consummate host reveals her secrets for smart business and social entertaining.

Podcast: Is Your Event-Planning Firm Endangered?

Toronto planner Aaron Kaufman offers a wake-up call for event vendors.

Podcast: An Insider’s Guide to the Wedding Business

Wedding-business expert and speaker Alan Berg shares what he’s learned about the $70-billion industry.

Podcast: How to Get the Right People to Attend Your Event

Nick Borelli, an event consultant and marketer, discusses why event ambassadors and influencers can improve attendance and build trust.

Podcast: Secrets of Celebrity Gifting Suites

Gavin Keilly, the C.E.O. of luxury gifting and events company GBK Productions, discusses why gifting suites are such a powerful marketing tool for brands.

Podcast: How High-Functioning Event Planners Get It Done

Industry veteran Wendy Kleinman discusses how to build an event-planning business and how to be a proactive planner.

Podcast: What You Can Learn From the Dîner en Blanc Global Phenomenon

How Dîner en Blanc’s elegant pop-up picnics grew from a small gathering of friends into a worldwide phenomenon, spreading to 76 cities and drawing almost 200,000 people.

Podcast: Why Big Companies Are Investing in Internal Events

Damon Guidry of Adobe and Edward Perotti of VMware discuss the importance of creating a strong company culture through internal events.

Podcast: How to Create Special Relationships With Clients

Sharon Sacks has been producing celebrity weddings and other high-end events for over 25 years. Here are her tricks of the trade.

Podcast: Ideas, Trends, and Crazy Stunts From Recent Events

BizBash's Beth Kormanik and Ian Zelaya discuss the most creative event ideas and trends from the popular “10 Best Ideas of the Week” feature.

Podcast: Lessons From a Hollywood Event Producer

Cheryl Cecchetto—the veteran planner behind the Primetime Emmys Governors Ball, the Emmys Creative Arts Ball, and the Academy Awards Governors Ball—talks about the creative process and why every event planner needs a mentor.

Podcast: Why Convention Centers Are Becoming Town Squares

The C.E.O. of the Long Beach Area Convention and Visitors Bureau talks about activating spaces and turning convention centers into community centers.

Podcast: Gratitude Marketing—the Intersection of Gifting and Events

The co-owners of Gifts for the Good Life discuss the state of swag today, and why gifts should be used to tell an event’s story.

Podcast: The Paper Invitation Is Not Dead: What You Need to Know About Modern Design

Steve Paster, the founder of Alpine Creative Group, discusses what he’s learned after 30 years of designing event invitations.

Podcast: How Strategic Event Design Can Change Attendee Behavior

Ruud Janssen of discusses how thinking like an event’s stakeholders is essential for creating an effective guest experience.

Podcast: What’s the Future of the Event Industry’s Hottest Trends?

GatherGeeks hosts, past and present, peek inside the crystal ball to give their predictions on event technology, conference design, and more of the biggest industry trends.

Podcast: Planning Events for Powerful People

Philip Dufour—the former social secretary for Vice President Al Gore and a longtime corporate and nonprofit planner—takes us behind the scenes of the Washington event scene.

Podcast: Introducing EnventU, a New Program Exposing Inner-City High Schoolers to the Event Industry

Hear from the founder of an innovative new high school program designed to teach leadership skills through event planning.

Podcast: Voices From the New Front Lines: How the Event Industry Is Changing Under President Trump

Hear three event pros discuss how planners and vendors should approach the new political climate, and what the industry can learn from activist movements.

Podcast: The Dos and Don’ts of Social Media at Events

Social-media strategist Alex Plaxen discusses the most effective ways to give events the widest possible reach and impact.

Podcast: The State of Nonprofit Fund-Raising Today

Fund-raising veteran Judy Levy shares her rules for bringing in big money through events, including tips for inspiring donors and celebrities, how ticket-pricing structures can impact results, and more.

Podcast: Inside the Event Where the Most Creative Minds Go to Refresh

The co-founders of the College of Extraordinary Experiences give a behind-the-scenes look into their fully immersive live action role playing (LARP) conference, which is designed to unleash the world’s most creative minds.

Podcast: Celebrity Wedding Planner Marcy Blum on Managing High-Maintenance Clients

The veteran planner shares “Marcy’s Rules,” from knowing when you have a bad client to saying goodbye to white-lounge after-parties.

Podcast: An Event Planner’s Primer on Smart Lighting Design From Bentley Meeker

GatherGeeks sit down with the lighting guru to cover the dos and don’ts of event lighting, how light manipulates feeling, and his experience working on Burning Man.

Podcast: BizBash Editors Pick the Best Ideas of the Week

BizBash's Beth Kormanik and Ian Zelaya are back to discuss the most creative ideas and trends from events and marketing activations from the popular “10 Best Ideas of the Week” feature.

Podcast: How Two Industry Veterans Launched Their Careers—and Stayed Successful

Bill Homan, co-owner of Design Cuisine, and André Wells, founder and creative officer of Events by André Wells, share their career-launching stories and how they’ve grown since then.

Podcast: How Industry Rockstars Stay On Top

In this Wisdom Bank episode, we hear from Kelly Peacy, founder and C.E.O. of Insight Event Strategy, and Carol McGury, executive vice president, event and education services at SmithBucklin, on how they’ve continued to push the boundaries both individually and professionally.

Podcast: What You Can Learn From BizBash’s Most Innovative Meetings List

Editors Beth Kormanik and Mitra Sorrells dive into the fresh thinking and new ideas from BizBash’s list of the 15 Most Innovative Meetings in North America.

Podcast: What Events Really Cost

Texas-based event designer Todd Fiscus reveals exactly how much events should cost—and how to use that information when talking to potential clients.

Podcast: Roundtable Talk—Live From IMEX America

Are we in an era of safe experimentation?

Podcast: What It’s Like to Be the White House Social Secretary

Jeremy Bernard takes us behind the scenes of his former job as the White House’s event planner, discussing everything from his first State Dinner to 2011’s shocking Bin Laden announcement.

Podcast: How Third-Party Planners Make Money Now

Get the scoop on how third-party planners make their money, from new marketing techniques to the trendiest way to log billable hours.

Podcast: BizBash Editors Discuss the Coolest Ideas From Recent Events and Activations

BizBash's Beth Kormanik and Ian Zelaya pull out the hottest tips and trends from events and marketing activations for the popular “10 Best Ideas of the Week” feature.

Podcast: An Event & Meetings Industry Recruiter Spills the Beans

One of the industry’s top recruiters discusses the hottest sectors to work in, the highest and lowest salaries one can expect, and more.

Podcast: The Art of Brainstorming in a Networked World

Find out how to leverage technology to extract collective wisdom and collaboration from groups of 10 to 10,000.

Podcast: Live From Rio—Behind the Scenes at Visa’s Olympic Activation

Hear how Visa created the Everywhere Lounge concept at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Podcast: Event Production Lessons From the Democratic National Convention

Hear Hargrove’s report from the field as they plan the Democratic National Convention.

Podcast: How to Build a Tribe, From the Planners of the Engage Luxury Wedding Conference

Take a look behind the scenes of the annual conference, learning the importance of “surprise and delight” and how to turn guests from participants into a tribe.

Podcast: The Science of Modern Trade Shows

Listen to the latest data behind modern trade shows, loaded with tips for any event professional to grab.

Podcast: Careers in Event Service, Re-Examined

Review the past, present, and future of event services positions: where to go and where to avoid.

Podcast: How Snapchat Can Help Your Event Gain a Global Presence

Find out how the Miami-based Model Volleyball event gained millions of views in 24 hours through Snapchat, and how every event professional can leverage this newest social tool.

Podcast: An Interview With David Beahm, the High-Profile Wedding Mastermind

Hear the top wedding trends and what’s in store for the future from designer David Beahm.

Podcast: How to Think Like an Event Strategist

Find out how an event strategist thinks through innovation and the intersection of digital and face-to-face experiences.

Podcast: The Coachella Report—Everything Under the Desert Sun

A behind-the-scenes look at the 2016 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

Podcast: Confessions of an Event Tech C.E.O.

Dan Berger of Social Tables shares the behind-the-scenes scoop on what it’s really like to start an event tech company.

Podcast: What Does Conference Center Culture Mean Today?

David Adler sits down with top venue innovators at the International Association of Conference Centres.

Podcast: The Latest Trends in Destination Weddings and Events

What every event, conference, or meeting planner can learn from destination weddings.

Podcast: The Art and Science of Effective Senior Management Meetings

How to design impactful meetings for senior management that drive innovation, change, and learning.

Podcast: Disrupting Trade and Consumer Shows in the Digital Era—a Generational Discussion

Three generations of trade show C.E.O.s got cocktails with David Adler and talked about the future of big shows.

Podcast: Next-Generation Green Events and Meetings—Who Cares Now? Who Leads Now?

Green planning in 2016, and where the trend is headed next.

Podcast: SXSW, the Morning After—Lessons, Ideas, Pitfalls, and Wins That Work for Any Event

A look into this year’s South by Southwest 2016 music, film, and interactive festivals.

Podcast: 4 Tips & Tricks to Capturing Attention at Events

The psychology of grabbing—and keeping—people’s attention at events and beyond.

Podcast: Where Award Shows Fail—and How to Make Them Work

Exploring what makes a successful award show and how event pros can innovate.

Podcast: Tech-Smart Events—Beyond the Shiny New Toys

Understanding the importance of the experience and the attendee journey when considering event technology.

Podcast: Everything to Expect From Events and Meetings in 2016

A preview of what lies ahead for industry professionals.

Podcast: Do You Really Know What Millennials Want From Events?

An honest look at the views and expectations of the generation and an industry hoping to engage it.

Podcast: When Event PR Works—And When It Doesn't

Find out how new media has changed the event PR landscape.

Podcast: How Speakers Can Make or Break Events

Understanding the impact of presenters and keynotes at live experiences.

Podcast: Catering to the New Foodie Culture at Events

Today’s event and meeting professionals are tasked with innovating what’s being served—and how.

Podcast: Simplifying Event R.O.I.

Understanding how to measure return on investment (R.O.I.) is one of the most complex conversations in the event and meeting industry.

Podcast: The Importance of Emotional Event Design

A guide to curating attendees' emotions, mind control not included.

Podcast: The Why, the Trends & the Future of Events

BizBash has a new podcast, created for people passionate about live experiences. GatherGeeks will include news, fresh ideas, and interviews with meeting and event professionals around the world.

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