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Event Agency Leaders Share Their Hard-Earned Lessons

In part two with our panel of experiential agency leaders, the group discusses their own journeys navigating the waves of the industry like seasoned sailors.

Gather Geeks Episode 3guests V2

Host: David Adler
Guests: Anika Grant, Cara Kleinhaut, Dan Mannix

Welcome to part two of our exploration of the event and experiential agency world. (Missed part one? Listen here.) Last week, these three agency leaders—Anika Grant of Idlewild ExperientialCara Kleinhaut of AGENC Experiential + Digital Marketing, and Dan Mannix of underdog venture team—gave us their insights on the pulse of the industry. This week, they'll discuss their own journeys navigating the waves of experiential marketing like seasoned sailors. Expect real stories, heartfelt emotions, and hard-earned lessons. This episode will leave you enlightened on the power of vulnerability and leadership, the art of navigating transition, and what it truly means to be a good boss. 

Running time: 23:45

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