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What It’s Like to Manage an Event Venue Today

Two venue managers on opposite coasts share insights into what they’re seeing firsthand in events today—and they see everything.

Gather Geeks Episode 2guests V2

Host: David Adler
Guests: Christopher Felts, Wayne Fernandez

If you’re looking to geek out over venues, budgeting, and AV, this episode is for you. Joining BizBash chairman and founder David Adler this week are two experts who understand the intricacies of how having great venue partners can make or break you: Christopher Felts, director of operations for AES NYC, and Wayne Fernandez, general manager of Magic Box Event Center in Los Angeles.

Although located on different coasts, these venues both provide raw, blank canvas spaces to planners. In this conversation, expect the trio to get honest about how quickly partner relationships can go sour, budgeting prowess, and insights into what they’re seeing firsthand in events today. And they see everything.

Running time: 51:04

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