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Cocktail Hour Episode 5: How to Impact Culture with Your Events—with Elise McRoberts

The Hashinista founder Elise McRoberts joins the pod to discuss cannabis events and how brands can participate in culture.

Cocktail Hour Podcast Episode Graphic 1920x1080 Ep5 Elise Mc Roberts

Host: Cliff Rigano
Guest: Elise McRoberts

Cocktail Hour is BizBash’s brand-new, six-episode podcast series that dives deep into the world of experiential events, hosted by Cliff Rigano—the executive creative director for music and audio agency PM Group, and former creative director and head of culture, content, and experiential marketing for Mast-Jägermeister U.S. Grab a drink, and listen up!

It's June, summer is just around the corner, and host Cliff Rigano is ready for a frozen margarita—blanco tequila, no salt. Speaking of tequila, in this week's episode, Cliff recalls the origins of George Clooney's Casamigos tequila brand and its sale to Diageo in 2017. He also delves into canned water company Liquid Death's cheeky presence in today's culture (its tagline is "murder your thirst," after all). It's all in an effort to discuss how brands can operate within culture to drive contextually relevant conversations with a new audience.

So what is culture marketing? And why is it important? These are questions we ask this week's guest, Elise McRoberts, a cannabis industry powerhouse who has been working with leading companies and judging cannabis worldwide for the past decade. She's also the founder of The Hashinista, an event production company and lifestyle brand producing best-in-class experiences for a long list of clients and collaborators. In this episode, she discusses why events are one of the most successful marketing tools; pop culture, influence, and how brands can participate; why culture is ready for cannabis; using her influencer position in the industry to move the needle; and so much more. Cheers!

Running time: 57:03

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