Cocktail Hour Episode 3: Building Trust with Your Event Teams and Audience—with Barstool Sports' Lisa Litvack

This week, host Cliff Rigano explores Aviation gin's marketing success and the easy ways event profs can build trust. He then chats with Barstool Sports' vice president of live events on how the brand sets itself apart.

Cocktail Hour Podcast Ep3 Lisa Litvack

Host: Cliff Rigano
Guest: Lisa Litvack

Cocktail Hour is BizBash’s brand-new, six-episode podcast series that dives deep into the world of experiential events, hosted by Cliff Rigano—the executive creative director for music and audio agency PM Group, and former creative director and head of culture, content, and experiential marketing for Mast Jägermeister U.S. Grab a drink, and listen up!

Summer is just around the corner, which has host Cliff Rigano thinking about a nice watermelon gin punch. Did you know actor Ryan Reynolds makes his own gin? The answer is likely yes, since Reynolds has seen great success with his Aviation gin brand, which he sold to Diageo for a reported $610 million in 2020. Mint Mobile, a wireless carrier he holds a stake in, was also recently acquired by T-Mobile for more than $1 billion. Rigano explains why Reynolds' marketing approach—which often leans into his humor and personality—is beyond the curve and light-years ahead of other marketers. Brand trust is part of it too, which is something this week's guest, Lisa Litvack of Barstool Sports, knows all about. With Barstool Sports—one of the most influential sports, lifestyle, and entertainment media brands today—Litvack has built a robust live events department from the ground up, comprising live sports, live podcast shows, and experiential events. No, this is not your typical events department. In this candid conversation, Litvack (who is also a member of the BizBash Sports Advisory Board) discusses what makes Barstool events stand out, building trust with your teams and audience, what makes a great vendor partner, and more. Cheers!

Also referenced in this episode: Harvard Business School's 2022 Edelman Trust Barometer

Running time: 35:10

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